Inn Coming

If your hotel offers anything less, leave and do not return.

Recently I was asked if I have an area of expertise. Maybe, in certain circles, this is an innocuous, expected or even welcomed question. When I heard it, did a still silent double take, thought and stuttered and paused some more before eventually saying, “No. I do not. I’m not an expert at anything.”

Since then, I’ve begun looking at my point of view differently. And I realize that I could very well be an expert hotel guest. In the age of, prospects of capitalizing on such a niche are likely null; however, it might be fun to spout my opinions on an otherwise restless weekend day.

Perhaps the personal benefits will be sufficient. I’m sure enough of my booking skills to exclaim: USA Today, our paths will never cross again.


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2 thoughts on “Inn Coming

  1. I’m cracked up trying to think of what circumstance would cause someone to ask this question.

    LOL! … I swear, my bloggie friends have radar for the most delicious unspoken tales … If I ever write about it, I’ll send you a copy. :) p.s. Thanks for being my first wordpress “like”. Sweet!

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