Tuesday’s 200 Words: Next?

“One must always keep one’s government under control.” — Joseph C. Wilson IV

Sunday night, I did something I never expected to do. And when I did it, that place under my sternum felt like it was receding into me and away from me at the same time.

I pulled the Obama sticker from my car.

I had just seen Fair Game and was reminded of what it felt like back when I put a John Kerry sticker on my car (back when I plucked my grays instead of dying them, when Valerie was still undercover fighting actual weapons dealers, when I still believed the voice of compassion and reason might actually be heard over the lies being spouted).

I didn’t learn about Plamegate from this movie. I followed the events as they were happening. I tried explaining it to my Republican friends. Successfully distilling that story to FoxNewsians was a feat I was neither savvy nor articulate enough to accomplish.

Seeing the movie reminded me of the importance of dissent. I need to take my role in our democracy more seriously. I need to get back to more persistently educating myself. The bumper sticker coming off was a physical start: I will not participate in lazy support of one party.

Thanks, Joe.

my new bumper sticker?


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