Tuesday’s 200 Words: Sam Update

Facebook Profile Pic During Sam’s Hospitalization

Sam’s been in the hospital for roughly 60 days now.

The amateur shrink in me is wondering about the impact on her identity.

The aunt in me wants to set up camp next to her bed and google handsome doctors all day.

So, yeah, we did a little doctor-surfing while I was in town. We stopped YouTube each time the nurses came in so they wouldn’t figure out which ones we have crushes on. I maintain it’s wrong to google the doctors with wives but the problem is that the younger unmarried ones don’t have much of an online presence. Oh god, I’m setting an awful example, aren’t I?

My Soon-To-Be FB Profile Pic: Welcome Home Sam!

I also engaged in unsuccessful attempts at bribery. Who won’t take a $50 bill to drink a Boost? Sam. When that didn’t work, I offered $10 if she’d sip 8 oz. of water. She was not thirsty and the money held no appeal.

Giving up on Project Hydration, I resigned myself to offering a foot rub. I could not resist the cuteness of her feet in those beyond fuzzy socks. Twin stuffed animals. The highlight of my entire vacation.

This just in: today Sam’s being released. Congratulations, Niecika. You get to sleep at home tonight.


Home – Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros Acoustic Cover (Jorge & Alexa Narvaez)

2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s 200 Words: Sam Update

  1. So glad to read that Sam is going home. I’m sure she is more than ready to “get the hell outta Dodge” so to say.

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