Day 3 of Project 365 (grade C-)

The other night, sitting at Pizza Fusion surfing FB, I read a status update by acorndreaming mentioning Project 365. To snap & post daily or not, that was her question. If the two of us lived in the same town, I’d have tattoos by now. I’m that impressionable. Not such a bad quality – given that I pick great role models.


I started immediately: 1/365

I share Acorn’s self-identification of being a writer, not a photographer; however, I’ve always enjoyed photo taking and image making as hobbies. Sit me down at Photoshop, I’ll go into a time warp for 14 hours straight.

To say I’m unhappy with my first three photos of Project 365 is an understatement.

Unexpected problems are coming up. The main one being my urgency. I’m so excited to be participating that I keep posting prematurely. Here it’s not even noon and I’ve already popped something online.

3/365: day three of crap

Like yesterday, this morning I was in too much of a rush to properly light my composition — not that I would even know how to properly light. But I could have made better attempts. Also, since I’m so underwhelmed with my raw photos and too impatient to fire up Photoshop, I’m sure I’m overusing flickr’s lame Picnik app.

Despite my self-criticism, I like the way the project is shifting my attention. I’m looking at the physical world more intensely. It’s fun moving through the hours savoring the intention that today’s post has to be something I encounter today – not yesterday, not tomorrow. Eventually, I expect I’ll become more selective with my choices. Hopefully, I’ll record images that please me (rather than the first few which, quite honestly, I’m practically embarrassed of).

I can’t explain why I like some photos better than others. Since Art 101, 23ish years ago, I haven’t read much about aesthetics. For all I know, what I consider “good” is worthless. Then again, no matter how measurable people claim the merits of some art to be, it seems to me the question is so subjective it can never be solved.

Here’s an example of a photo I took (years ago) that I’ve always liked. I’m too lazy to articulate why it appeals to me. The reason doesn’t matter, though, does it? If it makes me happy, it has served a worthy purpose.

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  1. I put my picture up early this morning, also, and I have been wondering all day if I should have waited and chosen something more representative of the day. I have zero restraint.

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