We Are Here!

Update: I posted this earlier today just before I got some terrible news. I keep rereading this entry and wondering about its absurdity: if we’re so small, why does it hurt so much?


Just came across an iChat I had with my niece back in 2007 when she was 13. I love revisiting old correspondence. This one’s not personal at all, so I’m going to post it here for fun. It opens with a photo.

Ruth: so like if you pull that image on to your desk top you can see it bigger.

Ruth: and just look at earth and look at jupiter & think about how small the earth is.

Ruth: after you do that, let me know and I’ll send another pic.

s: k got that one

Ruth: did you pull it onto your desktop?

s: i just have it in the IM window

Ruth: is your IM window big?

s: yup

Ruth: so you can see how tiny the earth is.

Ruth: so now check this out.

s: OMG

Ruth: I KNOW!!!

s: woa

Ruth: Woa is exactly what I was thinking.

s: omg THATS CRAZY!!

Ruth: I feel so small!

s: haha omg thats insane

Ruth: Since you appreciated that – here’s one more.

s: lol thats craazy

Ruth: WOW!!!!


s: omg now i feel really small!

Ruth: me too!

Ruth: there is one more picture and it shows an even bigger star named Betelgeuse…… “Beetle Juice” that is so big Jupiter is invisible at that size.

s: omg thats crazy

Ruth: Yeah! crazy!

Ruth: It reminds me of the story – Horton Hears a Who.

Ruth: Do you remember that one?

Ruth: [the original link I posted is inactive…but here’s another  http://www.metacafe.com/watch/3739611/horton_hears_a_who_deluxe_edition_movie_trailer/]

s: aww!

Ruth: I think I’m going to watch it.


s: hahaha I KNOW!

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