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4:49am … been up since before 3. Craving a long writing session. My last post was written during a mid-night bout of insomnia. I don’t want to make a habit of it. I love starting the day with writing around 5am – but only if I’ve slept through the night. Sleeping 10:30 to 2:30 isn’t enough.

Still, I can’t wait to sit and write for hours on end. The day job monopolized my energy this past week – several fun meetings. (Did I say “fun meetings”? That’s odd. Who am I?) Tomorrow (today) and Sunday my beloved Festival of Books will interrupt. Perhaps after a quick nap I can focus on a post.

I started a piece during lunch yesterday about — well, I’ll wait and write it . . .

3 thoughts on “More Soon

  1. I share in your undesired dark-hours-of-the-night writing itch. Sometimes I have been lying in bed for hours and my brain and the pain won’t stop. I invariably turn to my hand-written for-my-eyes-only journal, but I think I might start posting blogs. When I started my blog I tried (and am still trying)to seperate myself into something like compartments. My injury and pain were one, my lack of passion for life another, misery in a third, significant relations burried at the bottom, and myself in the smallest compartment of all. I thought that I would only write about my recovery, but I have come to discover the cathartic value of writing for others to see. If you can bring us to such a personal place, why am I so afraid to try? You have shown personal growth in such a real and touching way, it makes me want to reciprocate.
    Thanks for sharing,

    S, thank you. Your comments here really humble me. I’ve stopped at your blog, but haven’t yet had the time to really read it ….. I look forward to making the time to do that soon. Warmly, Ruth

  2. Hi Ruth,
    No worries, I really don’t expect you to read my blog because I enjoy yours. I think it is amazing that you can take your readers away from themselves. When I read your posts, I forget about my own agony. I look forward to reading more. Although to be honest, I have already been quite the creep when it comes to your blog. :P
    This might be too personal, but can I ask what happened? I don’t mean to pry, really. The depth of your emotions wakes something similar in me. But in my case, I think I have to deal with the death of my former self, rather than someone important to me. Your strength is inspiring.

    Ugh, I hate that I’ve been cryptic. The people around my story are very private individuals; I’ve tried to work through my urges for self-expression without betraying them. Somedays I feel like I’ve already said too much.

    On the topic of internet “creeping” though … such a silly term. Most ordinary people have a good deal of control over what is published about themselves. I put my posts up to be read. If someone wants to sit down and read this blog from the beginning, I don’t consider myself being stalked. I’m like you, though, I often find myself apologizing for having been stalker-like. I think the technology is new enough and invasive enough that most of us are trying to figure out what the proper/polite conduct is around the activities. It’s interesting to me.

    Notice the way I didn’t answer your question? :) -R

  3. Hi R,
    I did notice you didn’t answer my question, and I am totally okay with that. :P I wasn’t trying to pry more words out of you than you wanted to share, I was just curious. I am so enthralled with your story right now, that I was trying to fill in the missing pieces… it is a little audacious of me, since you already share so much. Sorry if it was too… Personal?
    And I don’t think you are being cryptic… It is like those novels that you don’t fully understand until you read the last chapter, which provides you with all the missing pieces to make sense of the mystery. Not cryptic, just suspensful.
    I look forward to following the rest of your story, if living life can be called a story. (I think it can.)
    Blog etiquette is something I am completely unfamiliar with… I question whether there are real guidlines or not. I suppose, like any social interaction, the basis of blog etiquette would be respect for the people you are contacting… But I really have no freakin clue! :P

    Hi S,

    No need to apologize. I haven’t felt you audacious or prying at all. In fact, I’m touched by and grateful for your interest, concern and kind words. In fact, your comments help me gain perspective on what messages I’m actually putting forth, so thank you again. I do love a good mystery; however, never entertained the idea of writing one.

    Look now, our budding friendship is a part of the larger story; exciting! I love the internet. I hope you are feeling okay today.

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