If Discipline Were a Dress . . .

. . . it would look like this.
Well, probably not. But who’s to say?

It’s discipline that’s satisfying me today. I spent an hour drafting a new blog entry and (get this) had the self control not to post it. (Get out!) I also spent 40 minutes editing the piece on change I promised you by tomorrow. I’m a tad off deadline, but am pleased to be exercising restraint and following through on the rewriting process.

Rest assured, the conveyer belt is loading up with material. In the meantime, does anyone know what the flowers pictured above are called? I encountered them during my 2 miles today. Don’t they look freakishly cute, like something a 1930’s animator would draw only to later be fashioned into a garment for Björk?

3 thoughts on “If Discipline Were a Dress . . .

  1. Psst… I think it is a Fuchsia! The flower not the color. :p They come in different colours too. (Speaking of these flowers being dresses, check out this ouber cute fuchsia fairy. She makes me happy and is wearing a fuchsia dress. My Happy Fairy: http://findingpassionforlife.wordpress.com/2011/05/07/my-happy-fairy/)

    I eagerly anticipate this conveyor belt of material, yet I love that you are taking the time to reflect on what you are posting.
    I have gone the opposite way with my post today. Indtead of almost obssesively polishing it and editing it for hours or days until I am 100% satisfied, I wrote this in one go. No looking back, no revising… AHHH!!!I have found typos my fingers are itching to take care of, but not this time. I guess this is my self taugh lesson in perfection. We can’t be perfect everywhere, I should accept that about my back and my writing. (I am not insinuating my previous posts are perfect, just more polished…)
    haha… I always mean to write one line, and then… well my fingers just seem to fly.
    Night. -S.

  2. Can’t wait for the posts :)
    And that looks like a Fuchsia to me too. It’s beautiful!

    Thanks, Antara. How can it be that everyone seems to know about fuchsias but me? They sure are beautiful. xoR

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