I and I With No Waiters in Sight

If I had to choose a pair words to summarize 2011 other than Heart-shattering Grief or Undeserved Redemption, I would choose Incremental Improvement.

It’s not all that catchy, but it makes the phrase, “I and I,” pop into my head and, well– here– I’ll quote wiki because I’m too lazy to find the real source, “I and I is a complex term, referring to the oneness of Jah (God) and every human.”

I and I vibration, yeah. Pardon me, it’s summertime in Southern California. I can’t help myself.

In the spirit of Incremental Improvement, I have a quick announcement.

Starting today, and for the next 30 days, I vow to abstain from dining in restaurants.

Those who know me realize what a difficult undertaking this is. (Why does “undertake” mean both “a formal pledge” and “the management of funerals”?)

I’m likely to be found out on our deck, parched, wondering, Where is that waiter? Future blog posts will cover my motives, rules, expectations, adventures in cooking and probably a whole lot of whining and jonesing.

Until then, perhaps some dancing is in order?

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