Last Night with Lily

Last night, when we came in to get ready for sleep, Lily sat curled on my side of the bed dozing.  I crouched down and covered her with kisses and pets and baby talk, “So much love for The Lily!”

For some reason (I think I was overtaken, again, as usual, with her sweet beauty), I hurried to the other room for my camera. She looked right at the lens. “Lily, good one! Thank you, thank you.” I showed Andy immediately, “Look, it’s a portrait!” He agreed, “That paw!’ So pleased with her pose, I even showed Lily the screen. She sniffed my breath.

Our Lily

When Andy got settled on his side of the bed, Lil’ walked over and snuggled between his knees just like she often does.  I took a minute to upload the photo. I had already posted a 365 (also of Lily), but this one was much better.  Then I turned off the light, noticed it was around and 10pm, and went to sleep.

I woke up to a sound from Lily. She and Andy were just as they had been when I fell asleep; neither had appeared to move at all.  But Lily’s eyes were slightly open and the sound that woke me was definitely from her, definitely something I had never heard before. Her mouth opened a bit, and I reached out to touch her head. She didn’t move, so I, I don’t know why I did this, I lifted her head, “Lily?” her neck was limp. Her whole body was limp.

When we got to the emergency pet hospital, it was around 11:20. I couldn’t believe it was so early. She had already died, they told us. The tech let us stay with her in a small room for as long as we wanted.

I didn’t realize Andy was barefoot until we were signing the papers.

4 thoughts on “Last Night with Lily

  1. So much love to you both. I feel lucky to have met Lily… and you captured beautiful details of your last night… every one of them, so telling.


  2. Oh, Ruth. I am so sorry. I have no words, beyond you are in my heart and on my mind. My heart is with you. It is really tragic and I am deeply sorry.
    xoxo – S.
    p.s. I will write you an email soon, unless you want to be alone with your grief. xoxo

  3. I am so so so sorry. If I could send a hug I totally would…just imagine I did.

    P.S. two days ago I had a dream and somehow in a strange way you were in it (I have weird dreams).

    Lots of love to you

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