Gratitude: August 2011

On the random date of August 18, 2011, I set out to list six distinct things for which I’m grateful each day.

Here’s that list through August 31, 2011: 

Breath. Sun. Time. Andy. Memories. Vanilla Soy Milk.

Socks. Computers. Water. Plumbing. Coffee. Family.

Chess. Love. Blueberries. Mad Men. Song. Washing Machines.

Pen pals. Pen portrait (a specific one, in an out-of-print book from far away). Ballpoint pens. Sean Penn. A dog named Penny. International PEN.

Reunions with friends. That sensation in the chest when something feels important. Retreat. Sorrow. First days. Last days.

The view from our kitchen window. The surprising discovery that my Amazon Prime Membership includes unlimited video streaming so that I can watch “Happy Accidents” as soon as I find the time. Vincent D’Onofrio at any age in any role (or maybe it really is Robert Goren). Autopsies. Medical Science. Mysteries solved.

The 9-volt battery we had on hand last night when the smoke detector began chirping “low energy”. Access to the medical care I’ll receive at my annual physical today. Legs. Lungs. Fingers. Teeth.

Therapists. Westwood. Free Thursdays at the Hammer. Freedom to walk past Paul Thek’s sculptures without looking too closely. Figs. That someone designed staircases and floors with emerald colored flecks.

My friend in Germany. Brené Brown. My brother. Successfully removing myself from “Obama for America”‘s auto-texting list. Glenn Greenwald. Health.

Photoshop. Camera. Air conditioning. Soap. The fragrance of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Basil Dish Soap. Remembering the way he said, “basil”.

Waking up refreshed at 5am. Mammoth (the 2009 movie). Microsoft Excel. Andy’s support. Clairol Natural Instincts #28. Project 365.

Hands. Unexpected kind messages from old friends. Food. Shelter. Electricity. A happy fresh start for my sweet niece (off to college!).

Crayons. Paper. Oven. The helpful tweet I read before sunrise. Eyeglasses. Permission to hold on.

Happening to wander into Mystery Pier Books this afternoon — a delightful surprise. Curiosity. My two gorgeous, smart & loving lunch dates. That Chin Chin offers Kung Pao with tofu. Not running out of gas in Beverly Hills. Getting two hours of writing in today in between appointments.

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