20 Things I Did When I Should Have Been Writing

A picture of Jane Birkin (see #12 below) would be so much sexier here, but I made a quiet vow to use only my own snaps.

1. Entered The Cost Plus World Market sweepstakes. This included reading the Official Rules, because when there’s writing to do, apparently, I become overly conscientious about random contests and their rules.

2. Photographed objects bound for Good Will.  One object, actually; the candelabrum I’d been thrilled to find at that Brentwood yard sale earlier this summer. I hated letting it go, but it was just too big for our table. George Carlin would be proud of me.

3. Unsubscribed from email lists. This involved going through the trash file and opening previously deleted pieces of mail just to get at those handy “unsubscribe” buttons. Riveting.

4. Won and lost at chess vs. the computer on my phone.

5. Invented a way for the dishwasher to adequately hold chopsticks (god forbid I clean anything in the kitchen by hand.)

6. Chopped celery.

7. Highlighted passages in books. Which books? Which passages? Are you really curious?

8. Found room for the deflated air mattress in the upstairs closet by using the partially opened suitcase stand as a shelf (feeling super smug!).

9. Lifted weights and did a few core-strengthening floor-exercises.

10. Removed (manually) the lint, hair and debris of unknown origins I noticed whilst face down on the carpet during #9. (I gave our vacuum away last year thinking, “I’ll enjoy having a new vacuum,” only to later realize that there are so many more fun ways to spend $200.)

11. Plucked eyebrows.

12. Looked up Serge Gainsbourg videos on YouTube. “Je T’aime, Je T’aime, Je T’aime.”

13. Played chess vs. humans at chess.com.

14. Watched Occupy live streams and tweets.

15. Wrote a thank you note & delivered it to the post office by foot.

16. Candied pecans. (I love “candy” as a verb; I need to candy more often.)

17. Smoked cloves.

18. Killed winged termites (exterminator is coming tomorrow, Mom.)

19. Designed & performed my mystic artist ritual to enhance creativity (and 9 other positive traits) as prescribed in “Creating a Life Worth Living”.

20. Raised freshly plucked eyebrows over admitting #19.

4 thoughts on “20 Things I Did When I Should Have Been Writing

  1. Haha. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! Glad to know I’m not the only one procrastinating my writing. Did you finally get some done I hope? :)

    Thanks for stopping by, Nicole. There are still a couple hours left … we shall see! ~R

  2. :P This was awesome!

    Before exams, the nature becomes extra beautiful to me somehow ;)
    And I make 101 trips to the refrigerator every 2 hours.

    You are so cute, Antara! Thanks for reading. xoR

  3. Hey, how did you get the dishwasher to hold chopsticks? We have that problem too and then they sit in the sink to be washed for weeks! :)

    I have a tiny ceramic vase that fits into the silverware holder. The chopsticks are heavy enough to stay in it during the wash cycle. We, too, used to have chopsticks loitering in the sink! ~R

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