NaBloPoMo Blah Log Blog Wah?

Pardon my self-reflexivity for a post, will you? Or are you used to it? Am I that bad?

I’m compelled to offer a fair warning to subscribers of this blog. I’ve vowed to — um, I’m endeavoring to — er, intending to, (exhale) — will be — (spit it out) postingeverydaythismonth.

See, there’s this thing called National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo — I know, I didn’t make it up). It’s a tradition. I think it might have started with BlogHer, but I’m not sure.

So I made a spontaneous decision in the not-so-wee-hours of the morning yesterday to give it a go. I typically do this (blog daily) in December. But last December, I had fewer subscribers.

All of this to say, Subscribers (yes, talking to you again), if you’d prefer NOT to receive Mary and Bob’s Journal in your mail box once daily, I won’t be offended in the slightest if you temporarily unsubscribe (because you’ll be back, when my normally lax posting schedule resumes, right?).

For the record, I’m nearly 90% sure that this type of anti-promotion is exactly the wrong way to go about “building a platform” (as they call it in the publishing industry). And that’s just perfectly fine with me right now. I’m not in the platform-building stage of my life. I’m in the staying sane one moment at a time stage. I need Twitter followers like a — I was going to say, “like a cliché needs to be repeated,” but that’s a faulty comparison. Must let go of the simile; my Wednesday night line-up is starting . . .

Two down; Twenty-eight to go.

Me to Andy just now: Hey, I have kind of a grammar question. Capitalization. (Was feeling too lazy to google Grammar Girl).

Andy: Yeah?

Me: If I have the word “twenty-eight,” you know, twenty hyphen eight, and it’s the first word of a sentence, is eight capitalized?

Andy: No. (Laughs).

Me: What?

Andy: It was just a cute question.

This is going to be a breeze.


November — NaBloPoMo — Day Two

3 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Blah Log Blog Wah?

  1. Love your grammar question. The answer is no – you do capitalize ‘eight’ in ‘twenty-eight.’ Right? In fact, I think you do NOT cap the second word of any hyphenated word, even if it is in a title or header. Right? Ok – I’m gonna have to google this.

    I love Grammar Girl. Doesn’t she have a book out for high schoolers? I want to buy it for Em.

    Correct …. second part of hyphenated word gets no capital. I follow GGirl on Twitter…. I think she has several books out. xoR

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