It’s a Blog Party!

Among three women in three different states, I believe the saying is, “It’s Acorn’s fault!”

What? What has she done now? A better question would be: what hasn’t this black belt done? This woman — one of my favorite bloggers — leads a most amazingly busy and creative life. You should read about it for yourself here: An Acorn Dreaming.

Last week, I woke up to a message from her on my Facebook Wall.

“NaBloPoMo starts today. Are you going to give it a try? Blog post a day. . . .”

Daily posting in November hadn’t occurred to me until I saw her note. I usually save that for December’s “Holidailies”.  Saying yes to Acorn has always led to good things, though. Plus, if she was doing it (with her schedule?) I had no excuse not to. I agreed.

Meanwhile, I creeped over to our mutual blog friend’s wall and saw that Acorn was amassing a group.  …In a Bottle and Pursued by a Bear would be NaBloPoMoing with us.

Later that evening, I invited a fourth friend, Nap Mom, to join in the fun. (She’s in the same state as Acorn, so unfortunately, the geographical growth has stagnated a bit.) Nap didn’t agree in so many words, but she did fire up her lap top (at nearly 10pm) and crank out a post. Damn, you moms can rally!

I was thrilled when I stopped by her site a couple days later to see that she had been posting daily. Nap Mom, this is officially A Thing. I hope you’re planning on sticking with it; I love reading your blog.

So it’s like a party! (If a party was five people in four different states — many of whom have never met — sitting in front of lap tops writing about their own lives, occasionally surfing over to see what the others have been posting. I left out the part about flannel pajamas, being middle aged and my post-nasally inspired hacking because, well, I wouldn’t want to brag.)

I’ve found myself up writing until 11pm every night this week. Acorn, it’s all your fault. Thank you!

The greater NaBloPoMo community is huge. I’ve registered at, but there, I’m one of over two thousand. Here, in my own little corner of the internet, there are only five of us (that I know of. If you’re blogging daily, let me know!).

There’s a real gift in enjoying my preferred method of expression (writing) whilst regularly checking in with people who share that affinity. This type of mutual visibility is validating: They read the stories I tell about my life; I read theirs.

No, daily reading wasn’t a part of the NaBlo commitment, but it has been one of my favorite parts, so far.

So, to recap: these are the blogs I’m reading this month. If you want to be entertained by smart, active, creative women living rich lives, I encourage you to check out their work.

What are your favorite blogs?


November — NaBloPoMo — Day Six

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