There’s a Nameless Cat Under My Bed

If you find some stray impulse control wandering around West L.A., that would likely be mine. Then again, I never had it microchipped, so who’s to say?

This afternoon, I left the house for some errands around 1 o’clock. The main item on the agenda was to go to The Skirball’s new exhibition, “Half the Sky.” Andy and I had been at opening night, but it was a cocktail party environment, not a-“let’s learn about the global slave trade”-environment. By the way, how do people on the charity circuit do it? “Heading to the bar: red or white?” “Red, thanks. I’ll meet you over by the infant mortality display.”

I’ve been planning for weeks to get back to the museum for a proper walk through. Earlier today, though, I ramped up my Pet Adoption research. Andy and I made a list of questions over coffee. I put a tweet out to two of my most cat savvy friends. I skimmed some sites, noted the recommendations of unscented litter and wet food. I oohed and ahhed at pictures of available rescuees (which felt a bit too much like for my liking), and eventually decided to just stop by the shelter on my way to the museum for a quick informational interview.

By 3:30, I was home again.

With a cat.

Specifically, Number A1260981. She’s approximately two years old and came in to the shelter as a stray almost two weeks ago. Someone there took to calling her “Berta,” which meant writing Berta on the cage placard.

It’s not bad: Berta, but I wonder what she thinks of it.

I called her Berta while I was there snapping her picture and falling in love with her. Mostly, though, we referred to her as “A1260981.”

As soon as I got her into the car, she became “Sweetheart” and “Kitty” and “I’m-sorry-we’re-almost-home-I-mean-the-place-I-hope-you’ll-like-enough-to-call-home-someday” and “You’re safe.”

She’s been under the bed for three hours. I’m glad I took the photo; who knows how long it will be before I get another look at her.

Welcome, little one.


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5 thoughts on “There’s a Nameless Cat Under My Bed

  1. Yeah, the “stop by the shelter” always results in a new animal. That’s how I ended up with 3 dogs. I was just “stopping by the shelter” to get tags for my greyhound when I found our mutt, Roo. Roo was with us for 13 years, so I guess it worked out.

    Congrats on your new addition. You could just call her A1 for short. :)

    I have no idea why I thought I could control myself. :) Guess what, “A1” occurred to me also. If only it weren’t for the steak sauce. ~R

  2. Hi Roo!!

    I am so thrilled you have a new fuzzy companion. And kudos to you for not setting the ‘I need a kitten’ rule! A1… What? is a beautiful specimen.. I’d call her Runaway. Haha, original, I know. My mom rescued a cat from my aunts apartment building a couple of years ago. She found it cowering in the stairwell corner with no whiskers and some other unspeakable atrocities. She brought her home, named her Bandit, (as she was abandoned, see my obvious naming has a root in my geneology! :P) and proceeded to feed her under the edge of the bed. At first she wouldn’t leave her comfy spot, for weeks! Apparently she did leave, as there was never a problem with under the bed becoming a litter box, but we never saw her. The food dish would be empty and no one could say if they had even seen her peak her head out!
    Now she is one of the cuddliest, prettiest and fattest cats I know (the fattest isn’t quite true as my boy Troffus tips the scales at over 25lbs! But she has a smaller frame than my big tom cat!) She is still skiddish (why is skiddish not a word in my spellcheck??) when it comes to loud noises, but she isn’t afraid of people at all. I guess she knows that anyone coming into my mom’s house isn’t going to harm her. Cats are amazing creatures, no?
    Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I am so happy you have a new companion, and be patient she will come out when she realizes there is n nothing there that will hurt her. Be careful with the opened doors though, she may be so afraid she is thinking about the street again. I am sure you already know this, I just thought I would tell you Bandit’s story.
    I hope you are well, dear Roo.
    xoxo – S.

    How great to hear about Bandit….. What a story of love. Thank you for sharing that. I thought of naming her Runaway, too, after Joan Jett’s first band. Currently high on the otherwise nonexistent list is Willow. Not 100% sold on that yet. To be continued…. :) thanks, S. xo R

  3. Oh she is so sweet! All I have are fishes :-P my mom thinks I am 7 and won’t let me have a cat. Ah well.

    A1260981 sounds better than Berta to me :-P Willow sounds great!

    Thanks, Antara. We named her Ellie. She’s been sleeping on me all day. ~R

  4. Aw – Elberta is my grandmother’s name and she is my favorite person. If I had picked that cat, I probably would have kept “Berta” just to have my grandma around me all the time, in a way.

    I like what you picked, though – Ellie is a terrific name for this very pretty cat.

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