Traditional Veterans Day Post

I like to imagine Veterans Day as a global holiday, a day to send wishes for peace and comfort to people all over the world who have been called to arms.

More than we would guess, these soldiers are children who are kidnapped and forced to fight.


In 2006, Peter W. Singer, an internationally recognized expert on twenty-first-century warfare reported,“There are as many as 300,000 children under the age of 18 presently serving as combatants around the globe. Their average age is just over 12 years old. The youngest ever was an armed 5 year old in Uganda. Roughly 30% of the armed forces that employ child soldiers also include girl soldiers. Underage girls have been present in armed groups in 55 countries.”

Several years ago, the visionaries at Invisible Children staged “Global Night Commutes” all across the U.S. to promote solidarity between Americans and Ugandans victimized by the LRA. Afterwards, they produced this uplifting piece about what people can do when they join in love:


(This is a modified version of my 2007  & 2010 Veterans Day posts.)


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