” . . . Love and Joy Come To You . . .”

~a picture from Christmas past~

It was another lifetime when I made that ornament featuring li’l’ Lil.

In this, my most isolated year (and much needed so), I’m feeling more removed than ever from the all the holiday fuss. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

We didn’t put a tree up this season, are not traveling east like usual.

Because we’re rarely separated from extended family on major holidays, we have yet to develop our own traditions. I have no motivation to start any time soon. Besides, kitties don’t care about Santa Claus or religious myths or even presents. Ruby just wants free grazing rights of whatever we’re eating whenever we’re eating it. (It’ll never happen, Ruby. Mommy’s got a heart of stone.)

Anyway, to whomever might skim this post . . . Happy Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Solstice . . . Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “” . . . Love and Joy Come To You . . .”

  1. This cat mommy also has a heart of stone. Merry everything to you!

    Thanks, Genie! I’m looking forward to your holiday pics. Merry merry! x R

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