Tuesday’s 200 Words: Happy New Year, Your Mammogram Looks Weird

I knew when the receptionist (who sounded all of twenty-three) sweetly called me Sweetie, that the news wasn’t going to be good.

“The radiologist wants you to come back in for another look.”

She didn’t add, “And whatever you do, for god’s sake, don’t fucking blog about this call.”

That sort of thing goes without saying. Because then readers will want to know, “How did the tests come out?”

And if there is something wrong (with my left breast — she specified that, it’s the left one) and I decide I want to keep it private, this post would have blown all chances of that.

But it’s eight p.m. on January third and I’d planned to start this year with habitual postings twice a week: Tuesdays, with 200 Words, and Fridays, with 5 Things I Learned This Week. I really wanted to follow through.

Here at eight p.m., I’m not feeling the inspiration to write about anything.

Instead, I’m thinking: bang out 200 words.

And I’m not worried about the tests, other than the fact that I wanted my Christmas gift money to go towards writing classes, not mammography and ultrasounds.

Listen to me begrudging potential early detection. I hate the phrase, “First-world problems.”


3 thoughts on “Tuesday’s 200 Words: Happy New Year, Your Mammogram Looks Weird

  1. Thinking of you, and hoping that whatever happens you’re okay, emotionally as well as physically. I have been realising how very mortal facing the death of a loved one makes us feel, and how scary that can be. Sending hugs x

    Thanks so much, Laurel. It’s very kind of you to comment. And comforting, also. From this healthy standpoint (I do believe my body is okay), my own death doesn’t worry me a fraction as much as the idea of people around me suddenly dying. On a different note, I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog when you’ve got time to write. xoR

  2. Huge amounts of love and lots of tight hugs to you. I really hope it will all be fine!

    Thanks so much, Antara. I really do think everything is fine; will be sure to posted the good news when it’s official. ~R

  3. XOXO

    Thank you, EG. As of Jan. 16, I’m still waiting for my insurance company to get up to speed and agree to pay a portion of the next round of testing….. meanwhile, hopefully whatever the radiologist saw isn’t growing. May post an update about this once I recover from the exasperation of the daily phone calls trying to work it all out.

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