Gratitude: Februrary 2012

As many days as possible, I list six distinct things for which I’m grateful. The list is archived monthly.

Here’s February 2012 . . .

Waking up at 4:30 to edit. The arrival of an item that will allow us to put something unpleasant in the past. The incredible friendship of a teacher I’ve never spoken to. An actual break through. New communication with my partner. Ruby behaved during my afternoon snack.

A beautiful and vivid dream. Diving into a new project. Andy came home. Getting a hilarious photo of Ellie’s reaction to the Beastie Boys. Several new members in our workout accountability group. The entertaining nature of the text I’m reading for my class.

The opportunity to write about something important to me. Most traffic at the blog ever. The luxury of taking the afternoon off. Friendly greetings. Pepper on french fries. Drew’s playlist at Bar Food.

The tree at the park is blooming magenta. Sugar. Fun political conversation with Andy. Sharing memories of previous such conversations. Seeing the painting at Toscanova. Falling asleep without medical assistance.

Seeing Ruby chase her tail. Hearing her little engine rev sound during the tail chasing. Playing shadows with her. Bouncing out of an argument with Andy. The number five. The number six.

Orange slices. Red Walls. Google. Good listeners. A new friend.

Two break up stories in class. Golden curry w/ tofu. Picture of spirals. Ellie playing with fabric apple. Full moon.

Ruby and Ellie on the castle together. That the cats like the canned food. Dr. C. Visiting new places. Chess games with PB. Hou Yifan.

Walking past the tree where the moon shone. Getting an instagram of the scene. Instagram. Loving my work so much that doing it on a Sunday feels fine. That Andy did all the laundry (again!). That Andy and I share a disinterest in football.

Four hour lunch in the sunshine with an old friend. Sidewalk cafes. Culver City. Spontaneity. ATMs. Garlic.

Having the time to sit down for a minute while walking on Wilshire. Downton Abbey. Seeing the cats share ideas with each other. Text messages. Even and especially deleted texts. Vincent Van Gogh.

Quitting FB for half a day. The note from India that inspired me. Learning to play poker. My fun card playing companions. Jeans weren’t as tight as I thought they’d be. The little birthday girl in the grocery store.

Sunshine. Reading. Breakfast burritos. Hilarious kitty stunts. Walk with Andy. My family.

The incredible readings I’m hearing in my writing class. The willingness of my fellow students to be so open. Szymborska. Her poetry. Poetry. Words.

New writing contacts. Visiting three new places in one day with old friends. T.K.-The Best Waiter Ever. Spicy tuna on crispy rice. Saki. Actors.

An easy drive downtown. The view from the 9th floor. Gorgeous building facades. A good day at the office. P’s fabulous chess mistake. An idea on how to approach my newest project.

Getting several errands done. A three mile walk. Some nice photo ops. Color. That I didn’t like Bru Haus all that much. A good talk with Ellie’s medical clinic.

Winning a chess game. Walking two miles. Sigur Rós. Legs. Soil. Water.

Waking up early. Microsoft Word. Book covers. Stacey. Asgar Farhadi’s moving speech at the Oscars about the beauty of Iran. Seeing former colleagues & friends holding those little bald statues on my TV set.

A successful day taking care of clients. Parking spot. Sprout bread. Almonds. Feeling good about an idea. Paperclips.

Incredible pieces written by my classmates. Jack’s tirade about fact checkers vs. Cézanne’s apples and oranges. Lots of new tools in my tool box. Elaine’s poetry. That there’s one more class meeting left. Dinner with a new friend.


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