Gratitude: March 2012

As many days as possible, I list six distinct things for which I’m grateful. The list is archived monthly.

Here’s March 2012 . . . 

Broken Dish. The friends who gave it to me. A conversation. Andy’s safety. A new day. Emails from New Jersey.

Beyond Baroque. Poetry. The laughter of the boy sitting in front of me. His curly hair. Assonance. The helpful clerk at the copy store. Printing machines. Paper. Fresh made tortillas.

A place to go today. Google. Learning about people. Relinquishing rigidity. Balance Bars. Balance Beams. Balance.

Being gifted with a class to learn some excel shortcuts. The woman who gave it to me. An amazing and colorful staircase. Tika Masala. Fog. Poets.

The experience of doing 6 loads of laundry to help me realize, again, how lucky I am that Andy usually does that chore. Washing machine. Clothes dryers. Stair cases. Fur balls. Laxatone.

Ellie’s new symptom prompting us to schedule her surgery. That nice tech on the phone at the vet’s office. Dr. Yuan. Being able to provide a forever home for her despite the challenges. Feeling committed to a sweet animal. Ruby’s hilarious personality. The laser pointer.

New Pillows. Clean sheets. Cat toys. Zombie stories. Gas stations. Work calls.

Professors who publish their work online for free so those of us too poor to study full time can learn from them. Professors. The internet. Links. Ink. Books.

Lots of hours getting to know good friends. A home cooked meal. Pesto. Oranges. Bathtubs. Moisturizer.

Two parking spaces on Roxbury. Another successful day of work. Dressing up. Junk food indulgence. Bringing kimchi to Andy. Century City.

Walking in the rain. My big water proof jacket. Earbuds. Music. Memories. Rosemary bread.

A crisp windy day. Good weather for the marathoners. Big warm coat. Red hat. A great G pic. Longing.

Gorgeous sky. Cool air. Playing with Ruby. Peaceful hours. Safety. Creative agenda.

A nice dinner with Andy. The time to continue reading Clash of Kings. George R. R. Martin. Quickbooks. Finishing a lingering task. Lifting weights.

My Dad’s eye surgeon. The technology to repair cataracts. Nerve block. Twilight anesthesia. My mom. Telephones.

Making time for walks. Time to do laundry. Dr. Y’s patience on the phone. The white door next to pink and red bricks. Quarters. Detergent. Laundry Machines.

Ellie’s surgery is over. The second 48 hours of recovery are almost over. She’s doing fine. Ruby has stopped hissing (Ruby hissing?). Sleep. Coffee.

The sound the wind makes blowing between the window panes. Rain. Crisp air. Waterproof jacket. Persisting with writing a story. Eyes.

Positive outcomes in the 4 chess games I thought I was losing (won three of them). Seeing my neighbor. Keeping vegan yesterday. Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies. Choosing a birthday gift for a wonderful little girl. Tulips.

Shower sobs. Meditation tears. Completing two short-short stories in one week. The post office box on Sepulveda. Stamps. Postal service.

Old highrises. Independent filmmakers. Time to take a couple photos downtown. Yet another awesome meeting. Garlic sweet potato fries. A growing feeling of comfort driving downtown.

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