Gratitude: May 2012


As many days as possible, I list six distinct things for which I’m grateful. The list is archived monthly.

Here’s May 2012 . . .


A week of writing culminated in something I’m proud of — something that made someone other than me feel something. My stiff neck came from doing my work. My stiff neck isn’t worse. The text for my new class. Patrick Henry’s famous speech from March 1775. Notes from London and New England.

Crabs legs. Meat guilt. Kitten thighs. Yellow walls. Lunch dates. Mismatched lists.

Safe driving. Maná. A fun time auditing. Nearly free like-new chair arriving the day after I decide not buying one is hurting my neck. Happening upon sculptures in the lobby. Raspberry nectar.

MCA. Mike D. Ad-Rock. Hip Hop. Fists. Calves.

The smell of the shampoo Aida used on my hair. Hair cuts. Aida. Cinco de Mayo lunch with Andy. Santa Monica. Sunshine.

Lawn chairs. Sun screen. Run shoes. Back pack. Fetch play. Bar Food.

Tanino. Memories of seeing him walk in the door and all that came after. My olive colored sweater. Knowing it’s the first thing he saw me wearing. Feeling pretty. Elevator rides to the 11th floor.

Finishing the work week. Andy’s day off. Energy to cook breakfast. Andy’s enjoyment of the new recipe. Avocados. Strawberries.

That parking space off of Wilshire. A date with Andy. Andy. Warm bread. Olive oil. Lemon Drops (just two).

Hearing a piece of writing tonight in class that was so good I forgot myself, grabbed my face and said, “Wow!” at the end. My classmates. Our teacher. All teachers: the ones who love it, and the ones who are only doing it until they find what they love. Cake (the band). Cake (the food).

Getting out of that place. That I don’t have to go back for several days. Pockets of time for walks. Instagram. Vegans. My vegan friends.

That amazing painting at MOCA (title/artist name forthcoming). Spending time in the presence of a few Rothkos. Comfortable shoes. Old buildings. Big hills. Maps.

Pineapple. My mini Cuisinart food chopper from Beth. Beth. Beth. The man who called me “–th”. The man who called that clever.

A quick moment to get back to this list. The new coffee flavor at TJs. The way Ellie greeted me at the door last night. That the car keeps running even after my failure to take care of it. Kind & funny chess IMs. Recent class discussion about the use of the word “snatch”.

Peter Paul Rubens’ “Young Woman with Curly Hair.” Wandering into the free talk at the HAMMER. The good sense to leave the talk when it failed to compel. The number two Big Blue Bus line. That creative bartender at Literati. Mom’s new keyboard.

Joss Whedon. Candied walnuts. Grapes. Leo’s auto repair. Girls (the new HBO show). Girls (the people).

A full day to write. That my urge to write blocked the temptation to get other work done. Watching an AWESOME episode of Downton Abbey with Andy. A quick walk. Holding Ellie. A good night’s sleep.

Affection. Ocean drives. Cool breeze coming in through window. Getting work done. Travel planning. Notes from Europe.


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