Gratitude: June 2012

As many days as possible, I list six distinct things for which I’m grateful. The list is archived monthly.

Here’s June 2012.


Basil. 90 minute gigs. Home gigs. A car that starts. A deadline. Tools to help me make it.

Wikileaks. Jane Friedman. Twitter. Free Thursdays at the art museums. Organic pepperminty heel salve. Socks.

Asking myself at 2:30am, “What do you want to include in the piece that you haven’t already?” Getting out of bed to write for 90 minutes in the middle of the night. Nailing the reading. Andy in the audience. Lunch with new friends afterwards. Bright lights.

The Last Bookstore. Working with kind & creative people. That open door to a beautiful room. Setting my own schedule. Breaking Bad On Demand. Antara.

A good chat with Mom. Dropping off my ballot. More creative & kind people to work with. Amazing ocean breezes. An unexpected note. Sleep.

Days when I can work from home. Long walk in the sun. New restaurants on Sawtelle. Family vacation to look forward to. Newsstands. Solving puzzles.

Skirt from the thrift shop. Sunlight through the fence. Quiet time to organize. Letters from Paris. A good laugh with Mom. Collaborating with Ken.

An afternoon date with Andy. Scales and measuring cups. Streaming lectures. A walk to dinner. Three good girlfriends. Telling the truth.

Some good meetings. Solutions. Smiles. Post offices with extended hours. Courageous and innovative scenes in TV shows. Ability to care for our cats.

Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park. Memories. Berries.  World Society for the Protection of Animals. Danny. Volunteers like Danny.

Sleeping in. That Andy was born. The sound of Ellie & Ruby’s meows. Every part of Ellie. Shutterfly. Hearing Ken’s voice today.

A good meeting w/ Stacey. CA Vegan. Great overheard soundbites. Alyson’s tweets. Visiting the shop where he found a gift for me. A nice conversation there.

Shumai. Variety of kitty foods. Ellie likes salmon. Making it to Fed Ex. New layers of healing. Words.

A free parking spot. Girl time with a new friend. Larry’s in Venice. Meeting people on holiday from Ontario. Beach skate parks. Taking a few good pictures.

Airport hug hello. Sitting face to face with an angel friend. Airport hug goodbye. The most amazing weather in recent memory. Two fun meals out with Andy. Nearly completing a creative project.

Finishing my portion of the collaboration. Loving the outcome. Reading in the sun. A Monday picnic. Privacy. The time to walk.

Living here where the weather is gorgeous. Good friends who care about me. The birds who sing in the trees right out side our windows. Andy’s energetic nurturing of our kitty cats (translation: he takes yucky wet cat food duty most of the time). Vacation to look forward to. The way Ruby’s sleeping on the shelf right over the screen I’m looking at.

Two pleasant meetings in the last 24 hours. A complimentary & unexpected email. My colleagues. Nice book talk with a stranger. Some pretty dreamy travel to look forward to. Being connected with loving people.

A beautiful new dress. Beginning to clear my agenda. Seeing fireworks out the kitchen window. Laughing very hard during “Ted”. Video texts from K last night. That video texts exist.


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