Daily Blogging Kind of Sucks

It’s one of those days when I wouldn’t be doing a blog post if I hadn’t made the commitment.

I nearly skipped it, thinking: who’d care? But then I remembered the experiences I’ve had in the past when I sat down at the keyboard with no desire to write, no idea of what I would write, but I did the work anyway.

Something came. Or I brought something into being. Not to sound like a creator or anything. But yeah, I’m talking about creating.

Take last November, for example, when I blogged every day for a month. I ended up with some material that wouldn’t exist if I hadn’t pushed myself. There were actually a couple of pieces I felt proud of.

That’s definitely not going to happen tonight. But at least I’m here. For a couple minutes. Honoring the intention. Spewing sentence fragments, and toying with annoying jargon.

“Honoring the intention?” Ugh. I’m going to honor my bed time.



2 thoughts on “Daily Blogging Kind of Sucks

    1. Thanks, S. :)

      I should have noted, the photo isn’t so awfully random. I take a picture every day. That’s yesterday’s picture: “207/311”. You’ve heard of “Project 365” (This is a leap year, thus the “366”)? It’s had a lot of meaning for me since I started it in 2011. I wrote more about that here: http://roolily.wordpress.com/2011/11/03/ritua/

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