Bad Mood

Untitled I’ve always got at least one correspondence game going via chess.com on my phone. This afternoon was punctuated by an end game that’s still going on.

Tonight, right when Breaking Bad (season 4; episode 12) ended — in all of its sad and intense glory (exacerbating my sadness and intensity) — I checked to see if there was a chess move (we’re up to 45 now).

My opponent, who never utilizes the chat window, had decided to do just that.

He texted, “You were 2 moves away from mate on move 27. 28 should have been: Qf8 then Rf8#.”


Not “Really” as in “I’m questioning the truth of your statement.” No.

Really? As in: Dude, you need to tell me this now? Now that we’re down to five pawns between the two of us?

I hadn’t even protected her, really, I traded her.



4 thoughts on “Bad Mood

    1. There are so many ways to reply, dear Alex. Options, options:

      a) Readers, allow me to introduce IM Alex Wohl, founder of the Doubleroo Chess Academy, and delightful writer. How exciting and humbling to have him stop in to offer guidance. So cool! Thanks, Alex.

      b) Thanks, Alex….. I know this should have been a no brainer, but when presented with the opportunity, I had put too much soy milk in the cuisenart and was lapping up berry smoothy goo from the kitchen counter. All I could think was Save the Queen.

      c) Cigars. Cigarettes. Cigars. Cigarettes.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Yubin. I’m afraid my post wasn’t clear: I’m white in this game. By the way, it’s still going on. He didn’t take my offer for a draw . . .

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