Four Days in New York: Recovery

OK. It was actually four days and five nights. Add in the fact that it was Manhattan, so that makes the brutal truth this: seven dinners in five nights.

Is decadent dining the reason my feet have been uncomfortably swollen for 26 hours? The reason sitting at my desk is causing a tingly blood-rushing-down-my-calves puffing feeling? That’s the worst part, it’s not merely “puffy”, it’s puffing — like it’s still going on.

If you got my card at the conference and you’re here to check out my work, Oh, hi. I’m Ruth. New York makes me swell. How about you?

So if it’s not the dining, is the walking to blame? Good god, I’m a marathon seasoned walker. I’m supposed to be able to tolerate site seeing. But maybe walking block after block around and through Oh-Central-Park-Look-at-that-Dog-that-Dress-those-Shoes-Honk-Honk-Hot-Dog-Humidity is enough to induce puffing. (I did not eat any hot dogs.)

The upside is, maybe I didn’t really gain four pounds in four days. Maybe this is mostly water weight. Please tell me that it’s water.

It’s not just my feet, it’s fatigue. I slept most of the way home on the plane, hopped into bed at 2pm only to sleep for several more hours. Had trouble waking up this morning. All I want to do is lie down. I’m not sick; I feel okay; I’m just overwhelmed by this need to stay horizontal and motionless.

I think I overdosed on beauty and excitement.

  • Wednesday: Touch down & set out from the hotel for dinner at 11:30pm. French food!
  • Thursday: Walks through Central Park, Subway 101, quick stops at Neue Galerie and holy-shit-it’s-awesome-Argosy, an hour or so in Central-Oh-My-Love-Library, wrapping the day with tapas on 46th Street.
  • Friday: 5:50am call time to hug three women I’ve never seen in the flesh before – the same women who have (in a veritable blogging cliché) nurtured me with words for years now. More Central Park walking. Thank you, tour guide.
  • Friday/Saturday: BlogHer 2012 — Staying inside the Hilton was nearly impossible knowing that outside was New York City New York City New York City. City York New! More on the conference later.
  • Friday night: Exploring 9th Avenue with Andy, amazing meal at Stecchino for me. Later, veggie sushi for him on 46th.
  • Saturday night: Andy planned a super fun Lower East Side date — romantic dinner, live music, dancing, pizza at 3am (had the puffing already started?).
  • Sunday: The Met with a woman I treasure. More Central Park walking. More pizza with Andy (yeah, I was probably puffing already).

Bullet Points Schmoolet Moinks.

Admittedly, not a break neck pace, but I’m usually in bed by 9pm. And I’m certain I’m old enough to be the mother of all people who danced among us at Arlene’s Grocery and Mercury Lounge both – including the musicians on stage.

Just listing the memories makes me homesick to go back and look up at the canopy of green leaves. Can you be homesick for a place you never lived? Maybe these symptoms of mine are withdrawal.



4 thoughts on “Four Days in New York: Recovery

  1. I like your tags. My feet aren’t swollen, but my knee is – so swelling all around. And I’m exhausted, too. Yesterday, the kids talked at me all day and all I could hear were monkey noises punctuated with “Mom.” “Chit-chit-chit-chit- Mom” Sensory overload – big time.

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