Gratitude: September 2012

As many days as possible, I list six distinct things for which I’m grateful. The list is archived monthly. Here’s September 2012.


The blue moon. Seeing Ruby lie on her back, fast asleep. Garlic in the pantry. Learning that basil blooms. Clean water. Computer chess games.

My first visit to Union Station. Watts Village Theater Company. The sound of a well played violin. Field trip with a new friend. Live music. Drums.

Working independently. Help from the amazing Jen (details to follow by the end of the month). Time to walk to the market. Fully stocked stores. The pink sunset. Mp3 technology.

Getting caught up at a client’s. Making it to the meeting on time. Kimba’s blue eyes. A surprise invitation to dinner from Andy. The lights on the patio at El Cholo. Vegan cookies with soy milk.

A good meeting with my new accountant. His awesome and adorable dogs. A productive afternoon of data entry. Encouragement from a professional. The basil is still blooming. Plumbing.

That the ache still comes. Time to rewrite. Finding the ink cartridge. Lots of peaceful work environments. Flexible work schedule. A spontaneous walk.

Imagining how he might sit with me over this awful awful news. Talking to two old friends, sharing sadness. That the bus didn’t hit me when I ran the red light. That I didn’t hit the pedestrian. That I didn’t hit the bike rider, who was completely justified when he scowled at me. Laughing and crying with mom.

Learning the seriousness of messing with my new custom_function_PHP file. Online tutorials. Learning I need to use an FTP site. Enjoying being engrossed in a project. Photoshop. New readers from Freshly Pressed (wow!).

A wonderful afternoon at the theater. Seeing Alan on stage. Great performances. Crying when Sugar Boy cried. That Andy enjoyed our date. That it’s 10 degrees cooler out west where we live.

The way Ruby took 5 crayons from the bowl in a row. The way she sat on the chair and played with my hair. The way Ellie cuddled with her leg over Ruby’s waist. Red c70001. Lungs. Oxygen.

The wonderful dream of the storm and the tsunami. Being able to cry during my whole therapy appointment mostly for people other than myself (i.e., I really haven’t lost my empathy entirely). Carrot juice. Fixing that error at work. Seeing my new website design come together. That I get to see my family of origin tomorrow.

An on-time flight. Meeting that wonderful woman headed (coincidentally) for my  mother’s home town. The wild serendipity that her uncle went to high school in the same class as my mom!!  Dinner with  my brother and such warm and wonderful friends. Getting to talk chess in person with my regular correspondence opponent. Loving that while I’m over protective of my queen, he considers his bait.

A safe drive to Sam’s college. The hotel right next to her dorm has everything a person could need in lodging. Not hitting any students with my rental car as I navigated my way to the Hertz drop off center. Campus mainstreet, where I would gain 70 lbs if I visited more often. First (of — hopefully — many) Aunt/Niece pre-dinner conversation hour (a la Gilmore Girls). Dinner with Sam & Ryan — the sweetest, nicest couple you can imagine.

Quiet time for reading in bed. Room service. Gorgeous weather during my walk around campus. Finding and being able to explore the library. A seamless rendezvous with Ken & co. Safe driving to Ohio.

Breakfast with my family. Seeing Aunt Connie & Uncle Mac’s travel photos from their great trip. Being able to walk with Aunt Ruth for a few moments. Seeing her home and schools and “Papa’s store”. Helen, Patty and the picnic they organized for us. Talking into the night with Ken, Aunt Connie, Mom & the kids.

Hugs from Dad & Mom. Streaming stand-up comedians via Netflix into the car. A safe drive back to Delaware & Maryland. A last hug from Sammi until next time. Chilling out with Ken and our new camera apps. A comfortable bed to rest in.

A ride to the airport. No line at bag check. No line at security. No wait for baggage claim. No waiting for a taxi.  Andy, Ruby, Ellie and our home waiting for me. The way Andy successfully had the house even cleaner (and better stocked with groceries) than when I left it.

Waking up ready for the day around 5:30am. Watching an episode of Parenthood with coffee and Andy. Finally dying my hair. Chipping away on a client project. Time to read during lunch and dinner. Ocean views during my commute today.

Casual start to the work day. Stacey’s help ordering software. A pleasant conference call. Time for a walk. Feeling excited about the week’s agenda. Lots of billable work coming up.

A full day to work on the new website. Finally getting comfortable with FileZilla. That neither the cats nor I gained weight this summer. Enjoying my work so much that I have to force myself to stop to eat. Web tutorials. Laundry machines.

Discovering, before it was too late, that my font choices for the new site look like crap on a PC. Being hired for some quick tasks. Growing trust with clients and colleagues. Ability to see the problems. A Storm of Swords. Being able to sleep.

Waking up with something to say. A full day of writing. Making it to French class on time. Willingness to continue attempting to learn even though I have no idea how I’ll remember the way to make all these new vowel sounds. Supportive readers at the blog. A dinner date with Andy.

Super sweet notes from a whole lot of FB friends. Zeena’s incredible thoughtfulness & generosity. Beautiful card from Mom & Dad. A lovely day with Andy. His gift of antique travel books. Fun conversation on the hotel patio.

Short commutes. Free parking. A full day of learning and work with new contacts. Home in time for a walk. New music from Andy. Supportive emails from a dear friend.

Morning work at home. A good phone meeting. Therapy. Vegan protein drinks. Getting caught up at a job site. Shows On Demand.

Collaborating with a new contractor & friend. Time for a two mile walk in, yet again, great weather. The steady inner voice that told me, “Ruth, he’s not in there,” when I passed by the sublet. That Ruby didn’t hurt herself when she slid off the table. The generosity of Dr. C. Feeling more comfortable juggling my schedule.

A quick work day at the down town office. Bianca at the Artisan (which sounds so much more glamorous than “white pizza”). That they named a drink “The Greg”. Big block carved ice cubes. Finding treats for Andy. My car’s mechanical health.

Catching an error and finding someone a little money. Getting some billing out. Chunks of hours single tasking. Birthday dinner with a great friend. When community seating in restaurants works out well. Chimay memories.

Spending the day on French lessons. Our elegant teacher. Deciding not to drink the sugary fatty coffee drink even though I paid for it. The kind fellow student who gave me her black coffee from the vending machine. Andy’s diligence in finding new shows for us to watch: this week, “Boss” (Gus Van Sant directing TV?) Gus Van Sant.

Learning about the art of Barry McGee. Feeling motivated to take more steps building the new blog. Loving my work so much I don’t stop to eat. Andy’s encouragement. Finding the right CSS code to add sidebar background shading. Accidental font love.


3 thoughts on “Gratitude: September 2012

  1. Hi Ruth, I just discovered your blog thanks to your comment on Susannahs’s ‘Just One Thing’. It’s lovely to see that you and I are working around the same theme which is gratitude. It adds so much to someone’s life and these lists of things to be grateful for feel like a great way of journaling too. Every time when I have a peek in my written gratitude journal or on my photography blog, I go back in time and these beautiful memories are a bless on more difficult days.
    Have a cosy day, filled with things and people to be grateful for …

    1. Dear Cococita, Thank you so much for writing. I’m so glad you found me. Your blog is beautiful. It’s so relaxing to see the photos and have a glimpse into a whole new world — so far away, and so similar. Thank you.

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