Welcome, Readers of Mary & Bob’s Journal

What better way to celebrate five years of blogging, than to move over to my own domain name?

See? Where I go, Mary & Bob go.

Plus, all the old content from Mary and Bob’s Journal is here.

Now that I’ve settled on #99ffff for the sidebar background, I can get back to what I love: the writing.

This week is Mary’s 100th birthday. I think she and Grandpa both would be happy with my new digs. Thanks for visiting.


9 thoughts on “Welcome, Readers of Mary & Bob’s Journal

  1. >>This site is my ongoing account of striving to practice a full, present, and compassionate existence.<<


    1. Thank you, thank you for all of the above. I would like to hear more about your bloggy crisis…. perhaps your life is just very busy now? If you need to have an e-discussion group, you know where to find the posse. xox

  2. Congratulations Ruth… Good progress :)
    I truly loved your last post on wordpress, i think u r a very good writer …. keep writing.. stay blessed :)…

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