Ruby Cat, You’re Amazing!

See this toy here? I bought it for the cats because I thought it’d be good for fetch. Plus, pink looks great with Ruby’s fur. Also, it was some insane price, like, ninety-nine cents.

Yesterday morning, I threw it around our family room while Ru’ chased it back and forth. She’s not as much of a kitty-puppy as she used to be — you won’t find her retrieving thrown objects on demand. But she’s been known to carry toys in her mouth when it suits her agenda. And she still loves to run and chase.

So yesterday, with the pink thing, we both burned a few calories.

Later on, I noticed the toy nestled in my flip flop and figured it must have been batted in there accidentally.

But today I realized I was wrong about that.

This morning, we spent a few minutes with the sparkle ball — my throwing, her chasing, lots of running — nowhere near the front door where my flip flops live.

A bit later, as Andy headed to work, he paused with an, “Awww,” and asked me to come over, “Look.”

A gift from Ruby. I feel so loved.

Whoever says cats have no personality must not have met any.


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