Gratitude: October 2012

As many days as possible, I list six distinct things for which I’m grateful. The list is archived monthly. Here’s October 2012.


A clear schedule to finish the blog design & conversion. Figuring out how to import the files. Thumbs. Clean running warm water. Lungs. Oxygen.

Crab legs. Exclamation points. Driven friends. Jetpack. New doors. Electric lights.

The table Andy scored for us at Bar Food to watch the debate. My general lack of interest in this particular election. Hiking with Grant. My back up pair of hiking boots. NyQuil. Sleep.

A clear schedule. Hand holding from afar. My feet. My hands. My cats. My bed.

Cell phone records. Girlfriends. Space. Safety. Drinking water. Century City.

Room service. A home to return to. Time to talk. Time to rest. Nan. My pillow.

Candid conversations. Recreation. More time. Shelter. Food. Shoes.

Work from home. The trash bag not ripping. Soap. The woman who sent me the short meditation mp3. The short meditation. Old journals.

Our assumption that the little bird who crashed into the window during my therapy session seems to have recovered and flown away. Time to process current events with a caring expert. A safe drive to and from work. Victorian scary goodness. No particular rush to figure things out. Screw top red.

One poke on the blood draw. Hours that pass (the ones I want to pass). Somehow coping with the hours that passed (the ones I wanted to last longer). Invitations to stay with friends. Those friends. Doctor C.

Rick’s music. Cole’s pecan pie. Rain (not too much) to walk in. Safe driving. Moving through circumstances. My partner.

Afternoon with Stacey. Ian rescuing us. Laughing to the point of tears. Falling down in a less public place. Being carried home. Andy there to greet us.

Water. Bed. Ibuprofen. Zero agenda. Starting my sketchbook. Sleep.

More water. More Bed. More Ibuprofen. Continued zero agenda. Another start on the sketchbook. Some designated fun time and increased closeness with Andy.

Quiet morning date with Andy: coffee, kitties and Walking Dead. Time to walk more than three miles. Fresh paint. Stain remover. Air conditioning. My computer.

Learning that Project Gratitude has inspired a fellow blogger to do the same. Marathoners. Susannah Conway. Cococita and her pictures. Our walks. Informative dreams.

The comfort of therapy. A peaceful lunch. Great clients. The way Andy enjoyed hearing me read his work to him. A night without severe headaches. Plenty of sleep.

Opportunities to increase my confidence. Not losing at chess today. Lots of good walks. Focusing on moving forward. Finding words in a difficult moment. Being surprised by unexpected positive feelings.

Feeling ready to take on new responsibilities. Outgrowing some old rituals. A fun date at a new-to-me Japanese restaurant. Moving into a new chapter. Memories. Reasons for new optimism.

Seeing the perfect rose. A good conference call. Getting the password just in time. Clear traffic on Olympic. The internet maintenance guy waited. The red scarf Mom gave me.

Home. Bed. Good health. My partner. My cats. Vegan cookies.

Completing a project phase for a client. Being able to work from home on my own schedule. Pajamas. Special “Khaleesi” pajamas from Andy. Tofu. Orange sauce.

My newish pink sweater. Comfortable pants. Finishing the first day on a new gig. Fading bruises. A working car. Good plumbing.

A bit of time to walk down the street. Feeling okay after a long day’s work. Passing by a place of dear memories. No parking ticket. Opportunity to learn about a new-to-me-business. Hearing about & buying tickets to see Hamlet.

Folders. Subfolders. New Folders. Doors. Locks. Keys.

Wind. Arms and hands to hold my skirt down in the wind. Clear skies. Crisp air. Sunny days. Shade.

The suggestion from Annie of PhD in Parenting that led me to Girl w/Pen! and the writing of Deborah Siegel. Andy for going to pick up Sisterhood, Interrupted at the library for me. My youth pastor from decades ago who put out the call for reading recommendations and Marian L. Shatto for taking the time to post a list of texts. Seeing the idea of Project Gratitude catch on at more blogs. iRuniBreathe‘s Attitude of Gratitude and Everyday Guru‘s Everyday Thanksgiving.

The idea to book a cleaning service for this week so that I can spend my time this weekend on other things. All the things I’m about to buy from Bed, Bath & Beyond. My sore throat not being worse. The way I decided to walk a couple miles before my errand. Plenty to eat. First day off in a while.

A day of writing. A nice chat with Mom. Hearing my dad sound so cheerful. A really nice talk with my brother. Sweet texts from Sam. Her willingness to let me blog about her.

Getting through a few items on a list of forty. My old mentor who planted the phrase, “Just do the best you can,” into my mental playback. Lunch break. Sunshine. Stopping down at the eighth hour. Coming home.

A productive morning at home. The nice people who were willing to clean the place. Being able to afford the service. A great afternoon at a client’s. Hearing all about Aida’s new business. The way she calls me family.

A colleague to come help at a job site. Her cheerful attitude. Candy Corn. Seeing some happy little princesses and superheros and demons walking around. Modern Family. Andy.


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