NaBlo-whaaaa? Hugged By A Fellow Blogger

NaBloPoMo! It’s another way of saying, “National Blog Posting Month”.

I’m participating for the second year in a row. This — this post here — is starting out as what I like to call a “throw away post.” Not really the kind of post I usually do. More of a blogligation: a posting for the sake of posting.

Daily blogging isn’t new to me. It’s something I used to do in December (via Holidailies). There are a whole lot of benefits to going through the exercise. I’m not going to name them all now.

What I’m going to write about now (I just decided) is my posse.

Last year, with NaBlo (or NaBlo-blah-blah-blah, as I call it around the house), my favorite aspect became the friendships that grew. Here a few of us are at BlogHer ’12 last August in NYC.

I’d post the picture of our really wonderful morning walk through Central Park, but Pursued (not pictured above) untagged herself from it for some reason I can’t remember (gummy smile?).

At Facebook, after the untagging, a whole conversation about self-consciousness and confidence and on-line personas resulted. It demonstrated why I love these women.

I weighed-in with Pursued on that one — I’ve been known to untag myself a lot. In fact, right now, I’d like to Photoshop the way hair over my right ear is kind of messed up in the pic above. But when I think about it, I’m sure my hair looked like that because I’d been hugged, which is a pretty wonderful thing.

If I remember that conversation — about self-consciousness and confidence and on-line personas — Genie and Megan (pictured above) weighed-in together with self-assurance about physical appearance and being photographed.

I grow from knowing these women. They make my life better. They make me better.

And this is what I love about daily blogging. I sit down out of obligation — no idea what I’m going to write about — and I end up learning something about myself and my relationship to the people around me. I discover new areas of gratitude. I write my way into living. Thank you, NaBlo-blahblah.

This month, if you want to be entertained by smart, active, creative women living rich lives, I encourage you to check out my posse.

Are you doing NaBloPoMo? Who’s in your posse?


5 thoughts on “NaBlo-whaaaa? Hugged By A Fellow Blogger

  1. I love being in your posse. And I get all the same wonderful things out of it that you mention. NaBloPoMo is great because we do it together.

    Blogligation is my new favorite word. I will be meeting my blogligation later after my arms stop shaking from day 2 of my black belt test. Owowowowow

  2. Um…I untagged myself from the Central Park picture because my thighs looked like tree trunks. Pretty sure I untagged myself from two pics in the Smores suite at Blogher: one because my smile was gummy and the other because my arm was squished up against my side in an unflattering way.
    I need to take “picture acceptance” lessons from Acorn! :(

    1. So do I.

      You know the worst part of having hyper-control over most photos that go out? People say, “You’re REALLY PHOTOGENIC,” as if to say, “You don’t look nearly as good in real life.” Ummm. Thanks? I hate my profile. Yeah, so “picture acceptance” would probably improve my life.

      Hey, since this is NaBloPoMo, I wish I could use this comment response as my post today.

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