Six Mini Trains of Thought

Untitled1. During my last 90 minutes of work today, I felt so dizzy. Like crazy dizzy. Like pass out dizzy. Ninety whole minutes I sat there dizzily compiling numbers onto a spreadsheet, and I wondered, is this what morning sickness feels like?

2. I’ve never been pregnant, not even for a day. I’ve taken pregnancy tests two times – more than 20 years apart. Both times I was in love. Both times I was thrilled not to be pregnant. Both times I was also disappointed.

3. You know what I think caused the nausea? The large ice coffee I’d been sipping all afternoon. Does this mean I have high blood pressure? Fuck.

4. Yesterday at the optometry clinic, the doctor told me that I have signs of triglycerides near my corneas. I told him, “That’s gross.” And he said, “No, it’s not really gross.” He also told me he his uncle had been murdered many years ago in a lovers’ triangle. I don’t want fatty eyes. I don’t want to be forced to take prescriptions for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I don’t want to have to avoid caffeine. I don’t want to die a slow death.

5. NaBloPoMo is breaking me. I’ve got one reserve post stored away. Each day I give myself the option of using it. But each day, I think, tomorrow will be more challenging; tomorrow I’ll be more fatigued; tomorrow I won’t be able to summon any energy at all. And I save the reserve.

6. This post — this one here — it’s a great example of why one ought not blog daily.


6 thoughts on “Six Mini Trains of Thought

  1. Hi Ruth,
    I didn’t try to attempt to write a post a day simply because I thought I would lose too many readers.
    I’m liking your daily posts of thoughts. You aren’t talking about furniture shopping and everything is very well written, enjoyable, and coherent!
    I’m following along… and looking forward to 24 more days of posts!

  2. AS long as you show up to write, I will show up and comment. Totally feelin’ ya. Let’s let it break us. Why not? Let’s write some crap out of our systems. ;P

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