Happy Anniversary, Elle Belle

People like to call their animals “rescues”. Okay. Yes. A cat did rescue us. She came to stay a year ago today. We call her Ellie.

Ellie's ball!

37/366 Where's Ellie?

Ellie's rook

Cats' Baby #catlove

Her reaction to the Beastie Boys

Window watchers

#catlove strikes again

Thank you for sharing your life with us, Elle Belle.

Happy Anniversary.


3 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, Elle Belle

  1. I love the pictures you take of this cat. The one where she has her paws on the table and is stretching her back legs out as tall as they will go is great. I also like the one where she is sitting on her castle and sitting up really straight, like you just said, “Ok, sit up straight for the camera!” Almost makes me want a cat. Almost. ;)

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