A Strand of Yarn


Back when I was a deacon, one of my favorite things to do was serve communion.

I was kind of bad at it. I couldn’t stop myself from saying, “Hi,” before the rest of the script. And I would smile & draw out the eyeee in Hi. It sounded like a valley girl slapped on pearls and turned Presbyterian, “Hieye! Christ’s love poured out for you. [Wink]” Sometimes, if I knew someone’s name, I might say it, and sometimes, I might even touch their arm affectionately.

But, no, I didn’t really wink.

This one time, OMG, I almost busted out laughing. A young woman didn’t dip her bread in the cup the way everyone else ahead of her had done — the way it was done every communion in that church — since the days of Jimmy Stewart, I’m sure — (yeah, that’s the church I went to; isn’t that cool?) — anyway! — she didn’t dip, instead, she . . . she . . . she bent her head down to the cup and began to drink directly from it.

What was I to do? I couldn’t yank it away. I was just, like, thinking, “So THIS is happening.” And I guess I must have tipped the cup towards her. It was pretty awkward.

No one else seemed to notice.


Just a strand of yarn today, no time to knit it into anything.

Must wake up in five hours to pack for our Thanksgiving getaway. I hope to have more time to write from there. Vacation: writing and walking, walking and writing, ahhhh.


2 thoughts on “A Strand of Yarn

  1. See? You are fascinating. I only give communion when there’s too many deacons out. I try to connect with people, too. I really appreciate it when the servers do that for me. I probably would’ve made a beeline for your station. It’s COMMUNE-nion, right? Let’s commune!

    I just took my first faaaaahncy communion on St. Francis day. I had never taken communion outside of my own church, but the reverend said all were invited to the table….so I got up and got in line. It was such a different experience for me. People in robes (Episcopalian church) and we all partook one at a time (at my church, you approach the table in little groups of 2 to 5) aaaaaaand when I got close enough, I realized that EVERYONE was drinking from the same CUP. The server wiped it in between sips. I had a slight panic attack about that, but decided to be an adult about it. It helped that it was actual wine, not grape juice like my church. (“It’s alcohol….it’s antiseptic….it’s alcohol…it’s antiseptic…..”)

    It was thoughtful that they pointed out a gluten-free station before communion started. We don’t have a gluten-free station at my chuch. You are gonna eat that crumbly saltine or you are gonna pass up the Body of Christ, Broken For You. Hmmm…..

    I wonder if they also have an alcohol-free station at the Episcopal church, generally speaking, and did I miss the advertisement? Do they advertise it? Does anyone know anything about that?

    I hope you have a GREAT vacation!!

    1. Thanks, Erin. I guess I must have been serving an Episcopalian that one time. Your experience sounds hilarious and stressfull — it *is* hard to imagine a public venue getting away with a shared cup in these days of hand sanitzier dispensers plastered to so many walls. I guess our mouths are cleaner than our hands? Happy belated Thanksgiving!

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