Project 366: 2012 in Pictures

The Mission: Take one photo each day for an entire year. (This, btw, is my second year doing so.)

The Tool: Crap iPhone 3. Isn’t it funny how we label miraculous instruments previously unavailable to the bulk of humanity “crap”? But trust me on this one. I fondled an iPhone 5 the other night (salivating). My phone is crap. The touchscreen has gone numb in the lower third so that I can’t move chess pieces off the back rank when I play real-time chess with people thousands of miles away (see note above re: miracles). Nor can I dial zero. All this to say, please pardon the unprofessional resolution here.

The Outcome: 367 photos (you can see them up close here). That’s 365 plus leap day and add one more from a day in June when I couldn’t choose between two complimentary shots. I confess I missed three days in December and posted filler pictures after the fact. Doing so (forgetting to take photos on those three days) was a perfect illustration of the way life had gotten too busy with tasks I hadn’t chosen.

The Lesson: There are many. The main one is simple — stop and find beauty.

The Invitation: Did you participate in Project 365 this year? If so, I would love to see your photos. Post a link? If not, join us in 2013? This post by one of my favorite blog friends offers some great tips on getting started.


There’s 304 more . . . .




9 thoughts on “Project 366: 2012 in Pictures

  1. Have you finished The Game of Thrones books yet? :) I just read The Secret Lives of Bees. I had been avoiding it because there was so much buzz about it and a movie. That much popularity made me suspicious. (I can be a snob.) I was wrong though. It’s wonderful. I think you might like it.

    I am starting 365 again tomorrow.

    1. Megan, I’m such an undisciplined reader — even when it’s for fun. STILL reading the third book. Or I should say, carrying it around and using it as an elbow rest while I tweet and play chess. I did read three pages yesterday, though, this being the holidays and all.

      Thanks for the recommendation on Secret Lives … I think I might own a copy.

      Re: Starting 365…. my phone died yesterday! I have a new one on the way…. I think I’ll whip out the old digital until it comes.

  2. So, I took my first picture today and suddenly realized I’m not sure where I want to archive them. It might be a good opportunity to dust off the ol’ blog. But it may also be easier to just use instagram/facebook…any suggestions?

    1. D, I’m *so glad* you’re doing 365. It’s really fun. Plus, I know I’ll enjoy seeing your pics. You’re already probably taking one or 7 photos a day, anyway; part of the fun is choosing which shot will represent any particular date. Lately, I’ve used Instagram 98% of the time to take & upload the photos, and I use flickr to archive them…. If you haven’t noticed, Insta. has an optional simul. posting to Flickr which is really convenient. I find Flickr’s annual subscription fee worth it. It allows me to see and organize all the “365” pics as a set distinct from all my other photos. Another idea is to use Shutterfly — because then you can easily have a print book made at the end of the year…. great gift for the aunties in your life. Please keep me posted. And by all means, do dust off that blog!

  3. Ha! No that’s not Josh–not at all. He’s had a beard since high school. That’s Hosea Rosenberg, winner of Top Chef (season 5). I just signed up with Shutterfly, which might work best since I use my DSLR a lot. But, I do think I’ll post to the blog….maybe.

  4. First of all, happy 2013 to you!
    I did a 366 project myself: posted all the pics on my blog, but I still have to complete the collection on my Flickr account. Because of a computer crash, this has been impossible until now.
    315 of the 366 photos are waiting for new pairs of eyes to watch them here:

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