More Near Tweets

It’s time for another edition of thoughts I didn’t tweet.

Least favorite expression lately: “well said.” Usually, what’s being referred to could be said much better.

Loving Margulies’ look.

I find the cursive capital T underwhelming.

If my whole dinner is white — potato, sour cream, bread, cheese, vodka — this is probably not healthy.

No, I don’t like greens.

I wish I could use ⌘-F to find words in my handwritten journal.

Today is the 16th? It’s been the 16th a long time.

Baked Cheetos and Veggie Corn Dog for dinner. I eat like Honey Boo Boo either grew a conscience or went on a diet. Maybe both. #notproud

Here come the Frito-Lay and the TLC bots. When will I learn?

I’m super attached to my new journal #create2013 Thanks @Chookooloonks

About the loud neighbors: I think I’m extending unjustified positive feelings towards them because they are good looking. #feelingshallow

If I get up to ten near tweets, I can post it. [Surprised…] I have twelve!

Meta much? Nearly always.

I can see gravity on my face.

I just really hope there’s not an earthquake before I take a shower. I really need a shower.

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