Gratitude: January 2013

As many days as possible, I list six distinct things for which I’m grateful. The list is archived monthly. Here’s January 2013.


The ability to order a replacement phone in the middle of the night. My blog community. A walk to lunch with Andy. Andy. One more egg nog of the season before pouring the rest out. The willpower to throw away all the uneaten holiday sweets.

Working from home. Being able to take a walk. Finding the street art paste-up. That my old phone still partially works. Dr. C. Our home.

Miles of sidewalk. Shower. Warm water. Working with clients who are kind under pressure. That great open space in which to take a call. The smell of Albert’s clothing detergent.

Working as a team with S & T all day. Twenty minutes for lunch with them. Being a part of creative mission. Kind clients (it bears repeating). A wonderful home at the end of a long day. A safe bed.

Completing my first Sketchbook Project page. Visiting Nicole and her new baby and Johanna. Nicole. Xander. Johanna. Spending time with wonderful children.

Completing my second and third Sketchbook Project pages. RGIII. Having a home town. Walking to the record store and playing pool with Andy. That Del’s was bought, renovated and turned into Mom’s. Candles in red votives.

Having a piece of bread made with care and love. First day of create.2013! Using my gift card at the art supply store. That sunset. Finding the latest Tin House at the used bookstore. The way I feel about books.

Some sound advice about learning to manage my fight or flight instinct. Finding a piece of a puzzle. Helpful communication. Intentional time spent focusing in on the good that happened in 2012. Colored pencils. Hearing that a friend got a position as a full time faculty English professor at a college in her town and knowing that her students are the lucky ones.

A full day working on my favorite projects. The guided journaling course I’m taking. The teacher: Karen Walrond. Water colors. The pleasure of living in a city where I can find something new-to-me every day. My new iPhone & Otterbox.

Making time for a quick walk. Being able to mail my estimated taxes without worrying about money. Being invited to lunch (even though I was too busy to accept). Rain checks. Thumb drives. New red lipstick.

Knowing, during the sheer panic that I had lost hours of the previous day’s work, that despite the embarrassment, physical discomfort would not come to me. That the meeting could be pushed a bit later. My blue sweater. Blue sweater memories. Time for a relaxing meal break. Dinner with Andy and our kitties.

An acute awareness of the date. A few hours of writing from sunrise into the day. Story-boarding the rest of the sketchbook during dinner. A lovely post on the page. Being able to see the photo book. Seeing that gold light again and remembering.

Hours of focused creativity. An unexpected note. A lemon drop at Mom’s. Memories of the one who tried to make me a lemon drop that one time too long ago. Dimples. Andy’s big puffy black jacket.

Rubber cement. Corner rounder. Big sheets of waxed paper. Little sheets of waxed paper. Heavy books. Gesso.

Andy’s vetoes of the awful titles I almost used. The patience to draw the ampersand again & again & again until it looked right. Delivering the sketchbook. A brisk walk to the post office. Making it to my appointment on time. Seeing the colorful bird through the french door during my therapy session.

Three warm meals at home. Getting to go downtown again. Those gorgeous “old” buildings. Making it to my evening appointment on time. Laughing with our therapist. The smell of sage from his garden.

A quiet moment on the beach. Making it through the anniversary. Walking up the hill in the sunshine. Being able to take a dinner break when I needed to. A surprise gift from Andy. My evolving love for him.

Getting to an easier phase of a transition at work. Figs. Humboldt Fog. Earl Grey. Reading a few of Lynda Barry’s comic strips to Andy. Laughing with him.

John Oliver’s segment re: the death of investigative journalism on the Daily Show. The sound of Ruby’s voice. Seeing pink bands in the sky at dawn. Peanut butter. My new journal and my growing attachment to it. A day off.

Hours and hours to work on my guided journaling course. Feeling positive. Feeling grateful. Reading the talk on grace. Realizing I need to shower Andy with more grace. A beautiful moment with him.

A day free of appointments. Richard Blanco. Hearing his amazing poem live. Weeping. Dinner with B, K, M & J. Their love.

Having Ruby and Ellie follow me every time I go upstairs. A walk in gorgeous weather. A wonderful time taking the photos for my guided journaling course. Feeling full of energy and motivation. Seeing new street art and having time to photograph it. Idea for a blog post from one of Art House’s latest projects.

Getting some work done for a client in the morning. Making the time to paint with watercolors. Seeing the three legged dog. Doing my 2 mile errands on foot. Watching Miss Representation and discussing it with S & C. S & C.

Time to write more about what an olive branch means. Imagined jokes and the memory of his voice. That yummy coffee. The printer did not fail. Leaving both sites feeling like enough work had been done. Seeing the girl in the pink helmet riding her electric scooter with a big smile on her face.

Re-embracing wavy hair. Pleasant clients. Collaborating on a solution. A reprieve in the rain. Finding that ice cream in the freezer from September. Reassuring notes.

Feeling better after a night of tossing and turning. Seeing that Project Gratitude has taken on a life of its own. My fellow bloggers who have decided to make their own lists. Fog. Lights. Seeing the big tree at the corner of Iowa and Bundy.

Being able to buy new walking shoes. Realizing I’ve walked over 700 miles since I bought the last pair. Looking forward to walking the next 700 miles. Having Andy meet me for an afternoon game of chess at the pub. Seeing that amazing sunset. Taking a day off.

Walking The Strand at Sunset. Seeing dogs and fellow walkers. Layers of fleece and whatever that wicking undershirt is made of. My iPhone and all the inventions that make sharing moments Instagram-style possible. The people on the other end of those likes. Noticing how the sun over the horizon with its yellow and the bands of red in the sky remind me of my “experience” art page in my journal.

Time for a walk on a gorgeous day. Seeing my favorite blossoms. Naomi Wolf. Her new book. Chipping away at some work. Dinner at Musha w/ J-Love. J-Love. Musha. Remembering sitting in that corner with her in October 2010. Being able to give encouraging words to Andy.

Taking time to write a thank you note that I’ve been putting off writing for two years. A kind note from the instructor of the guided journaling course that has set 2013 off to a great start for me, Karen Walrond. Getting the 1099s done. Having the screw to my glasses tightened. A pleasant lunch conversation with a kind woman who told me about a cool Wiccan gratitude ritual involving basil. Treating myself to a movie.

Finding the Ted talk. Having time to watch it. TED. Emails from a smart girlfriend. Having the blank book available to give to another smart girlfriend. Getting the reports done.


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