There Are Too Coincidences & They Don’t Happen For A Reason

“What are you manifesting in your life this year?” Uh. Utter contempt for people who ask questions like that. I can’t say I wanted to hit the last person I heard using the word “manifest” in a sentence. (And for all I know it was me.) But man, isn’t it annoying?

The only phrase I’m more annoyed by in recent years is, “Everything happens for a reason.” Don’t even get me started about that one. Yes, there are reasons for some things. Like, maybe the reason I punched you is because you say insensitive things like, “Everything happens for a reason.”

Actually, I’ve never punched anyone. I’m a reformed pencil breaker, a recovered door slammer. That’s the extent of my violent behavior.

The reason I’m blogging today isn’t to spew bitter attacks into the ether, it’s to show you this cool coincidence. You, over there, the one thinking, “There are no coincidences,” go manifest a corner and stand in it before I break your pencil. 

“You sound angry, Ruth.” Welcome to planet earth where life is filled with suffering followed by death.

“But there is beauty everywhere.” Oh right . . . I was saying . . . . check this out.

Two weeks ago, I did my first art journal page. Here it is.

I was kind of surprised with the colors I ended up using — which felt like random choices at the time. When I saw the finished page, I thought: hmm, maybe I’m more passionate than I realize.

Flash forward to the other day. I walked at the beach, treating myself to a view of the sunset. (Note: it wasn’t a manifestation, it was a treat.)

The early night sky over the pacific ocean filled with reds and yellows.

I couldn’t help but think of my “Experience” page.

sunset experience

A friend of mine remarked of the setting sun recently, “That’s tomorrow over there.”

I like that. I think there are going to be some wonderful experiences coming up.

8 thoughts on “There Are Too Coincidences & They Don’t Happen For A Reason

  1. An example of the correct use of the word “manifest” in a sentence:

    “I know that those symmetries can occur in this physical theory, but I don’t know exactly how they manifest.”

  2. I like that third pic! I think you should get a “real” print of it, put it in a nice frame and stick it somewhere where you can appreciate it often!

    1. Oh, you’re sweet. It was a slapdash dip into photoshop. If I were to print it, I would tinker for hours in advance. Do you know photoshop? If not, make an art page with a word you love and send it to me with a photo that speaks to you & I’ll merge them together for you. Seriously. It would be my pleasure.

  3. Ruth,
    What a lovely way to synergize (I may have made up this word) your thoughts in the last photo.
    Best line: go manifest a corner and stand in it before I break your pencil.

  4. I love the principle, the effort, the momentum, the intention, the demurrals, the asides, the doubts, the discoveries, the acknowledgements; really empathize with fury, long for the clarity, the perspective, the continuity, the discipline, and above all the honesty—–as ever. I wish your spirit could be the conductor of mine, & bring music out of the chaos for me too.

    1. SG, Every time I hear from you, I’m moved, impressed and educated. I just had to look up the word “demurral” and I’m so happy to learn a new word. And it’s a great word! How did I live this long without knowing it? Your specificity always invigorates me and helps me feel seen, “effort … momentum … intention … demurrals … asides … doubts … discoveries … fury … long for clarity …”

      “I wish your spirit could be the conductor of mine,” is probably *the* most romantic thing anyone has ever said to me…. We’re all alone in this regard, though, aren’t we? I cannot direct your spirit, but I would love to be its friend, and I would very much like an end to any chaos you feel.

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