Gratitude: February 2013

As many days as possible, I list six distinct things for which I’m grateful. The list is archived monthly. Here’s February 2013.


Here come my beauties. #springtime #blossoms
I’m grateful for a few minutes with Andy before he rushed to work at dawn. That it was warm enough to wear a skirt. Good collaboration with a supportive team. Lunch delivered & feeling too invigorated by work to enjoy it. Appreciative clients. Being able to have clients instead of bosses.

I’m grateful for a morning off from work with Andy. Fun with Vine and Ruby Superstar. Walking to breakfast. The clarifying power of spontaneous doodles. Feeling energetic, happy & hopeful. Walking in rain drops, which is different than walking in rain, and feeling warm wind.

I’m grateful for sunrise morning pages in the quiet with coffee and napping kitties. Reading the blog post “So you’re feeling too fat to be photographed.” Feeling ready to start a new month. Trusting myself to prioritize and reprioritize. Walking to Trader Joe’s for goodies. Getting some work done after the Super Bowl.

I’m grateful for walking in the sun. Lunch outside at Plan Check. Finding the used copy of Plath’s journals. Buying more water colors. Painting while Andy read to me from a novel he’s enjoying. Deciding I need the unabridged version of Plath’s journals.

I’m grateful for being able to work in bed. Boots and tights. Lip gloss. Making it to the meetings on time. Peppermint tea with a girlfriend. Being able to decide when I want to clock out.

I’m grateful for an hour writing. Fiction exercises. Finding a new-t0-me topic that has emotional energy. Comfortably unmemorable days. Walking to therapy. Driving home with dear Andy.

I’m grateful for poems to read at lunchtime. Setting my own hours. Ability to earn money. The flexibility of choosing who I earn money from. Andy having warm dinner waiting for me at home. A Brazilian restaurant in the neighborhood that delivers.

I’m grateful for the impulse to add on to last night’s work. Lunch with a new friend. A brisk walk in my puffy brown coat. My umbrella. Dinner with an old friend. Hugs.

I’m grateful for ibuprofen. Clean drinking water. Santa Monica Pet Medical Center. Dr. Yuan. That the shot didn’t make Ruby sick. Coming back home after less than an hour.

I’m grateful for the ability to procrastinate updating this list. Getting some work done. Finally taking a walk. Wind. Having my coat taken off. Sleeping in my own bed.

I’m grateful for a safe drive downtown. Coming home to my family. Hearing something I’d been waiting to hear. Orange jam. Orange jam made with cinnamon. Orange jam made with cinnamon on goat cheese and bread.

I’m grateful for those amazing red flowers. Sunlight. Blue sky. White tank top. A dinner date with Andy at the Japanese restaurant. Our love.

I’m grateful for a gorgeous drive north up the coast. Finding a cashmere sweater marked down 80%. Goats. Learning that wool (including cashmere) is on the list of what not to wear along with leather and fur. Plant fibers. Online vegan guides like this.

I’m grateful for being able to phone it in. Software that allows me to work from home. Time to find a card for Andy. Time to browse around the library. Learning that the meeting was postponed. Coming home to a thoughtful gift.

I’m grateful for having extra hours to write. That the phone call with bad news was erroneous. Seeing people support each other. A seat at the bar. Potato puffs. Loving notes from friends.

I’m grateful for finding The Opposite of Fate at the library this week. Amy Tan. The enjoyment of falling in love with a new book. The spicy garnish they serve on the rim of beer glasses at the Oaxacan Restaurant. Having time to wait out really bad service. Deciding to pass on dessert.

I’m grateful for Django Unchained. Tarantino. Movies. Abolitionists. The Emancipation Proclamation. Freedom.

I’m grateful for watching Andy hang cork panels in my office. Watching Ruby watch Andy hang cork panels. Hammers. Nails. Walls. Susan.

I’m grateful for seeing planes descend over the beach while I drive to work. Seeing the wave splash against the rocks. A new pair of pants that fits better than the old baggy ones. Time for lunch with hot tea in-between appointments. Hearing about the rescued kitty. Compassionate animal-loving friends.

I’m grateful for blue sky. Crisp air. Hiking with an old friend. Encouragement to write stories. Tea kettle. Stop watch.

I’m grateful for working from home. The scarf my mother bought for me a couple birthdays ago. A neck on which to wear it. Hair dryer. Water colors. All the shades of blue.

I’m grateful for a new Moleskine journal. Sunshine. Making it to the meeting on time. Collaborators. Peanut butter and jelly. Protein bars.

I’m grateful for a pleasant breakfast date with Andy. A peaceful walk to dinner. Crisp air. Chicken pot pie. Chickens. Life.

I’m grateful for two used bookstores in our neighborhood. Shrimp shumai. The way Oscar Sunday feels like a holiday. All the treats Andy bought at the store. Flameless candles. Sugar.

I’m grateful for Marina Abramović. Her MoMA retrospective. The documentary about it. Two hands clapping. Two eyes to see. Feeling inspired.

I’m grateful for having reassurance that the brakes are okay. The family run auto shop that doesn’t charge for diagnoses. Spending a solid hour on the story. Hope for future progress like that. A peaceful afternoon at a job site. Being able to leave after a few hours.

I’m grateful for the way the pet pads protect our sofa from Ellie’s misbehavior. Chatting with Mom on the phone. John Updike’s story “Gesturing”. The quiet time to read it. Casual water coloring. Irritation at not getting out to walk, a reminder of how important my walks are to me.

I’m grateful for spontaneous writing. The hope (through practice) that I might be able to learn how to tell stories. Finding the portraits from The Artist is Present on Flickr. Welcomed schedule changes. Being welcomed. Cloth napkins.

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  1. Love this list, Ruth. I love the orange marmalade stretched out into orange marmalade on toast. :)
    You are so poetic in your list. Thank you for introducing me to this powerful practice. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

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