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Thank you, Brooklyn Art Library


See my cheeky screen-grab joke? Is it horribly tacky? Definitely immature, I know.

Anyway, The Brooklyn Art Library (aka Art House Co-Op, aka The Sketchbook Project) is so awesome.

My collage piece has been scanned and is not only available for viewing online, it’s also on tour with 4500 other books.

The mobile library will make stops in a handful of cities — Atlanta, Portland, Chicago, Toronto, San Francisco. I’ll get an email notification if/when someone checks it out. Fun, right?

Are you in Austin, TX today? Ask for card catalog # 204.7-9. That’s mine. I memorized it, because I’m a dork.

Sometimes when The Sketchbook Project’s mass mailings show up in my in-box, I think, oy, they’re selling again. But I’m quick to correct myself — because how dare I be so curmudgeonly as to knock anyone encouraging the doing of art? So they ask us to chip in some money? That’s the world — things cost money.

The reality is that there are plenty of free community projects offered. So, if you aren’t familiar with them, I encourage you to check it out: The Sketchbook Project.

Let’s do art!

If you have work in any of Art House’s tours or in their digital library, I hope you’ll mention it here in the comments with links. I want to see!

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p.s. Much more interesting than sex gossip — where does the money come from?


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