Gratitude: March 2013

As many days as possible, I list six distinct things for which I’m grateful. The list is archived monthly. Here’s March 2013.



I’m grateful for trial and error. Freedom. More sunlight. Wandering. iPhone’s notepad. iPhone.

I’m grateful for spending the morning writing. Animal foster parents. Bottomless mimosas with a dear soul. Sharing life stories. Those moments when you take off painful shoes to run farther and faster towards a good thing. The things worth chasing.

I’m grateful for finally removing the old bag of potting soil and dead rose bush off the sun deck. Seeing Ruby and Andy enjoy playing with the canvas bag. Fingernail polish remover. Antibacterial soap. Toilet paper. Sleep.

I’m grateful for getting more caught up than I have been in a while. Safe driving. Art deco hallways. My sense of smell. Panko crumbs. Reconciliation.

I’m grateful for technology that allows me to work from home. Loving our home. Ruby. Ellie. Pajamas. Warm water.

I’m grateful for Mom’s support (her affection, intelligence, patience). A long walk. Finding the colored gel pens. Not settling on a crowded lunch venue. Rice. A good session.

I’m grateful for seeing planes take off. Flash drive that gives me mobility. Driving during Frightened Rabbit’s set on KCRW. A wish come true — music that makes me happy. Stopping work around 7pm no matter what. Andy’s compliment.

I’m grateful for hearing a new-to-me-song. Feeling comfortable in my clothing. Hours of methodical team work. Mint gum. A short commute home. Seeing the rainbow from three angles around town on FB.

I’m grateful for watercolors. A date with Andy. The ice cold lemon drop. The rosemary biscuit. Entertaining movies. Guessing the twist before it’s revealed.

I’m grateful for the patch of light in our office, big enough to sunbathe inside for when I’m too lazy to go outside. Hanging out quietly as a family: coloring, reading, organizing music, chasing sparkle balls. Walking at dusk. Warm dinner waiting when I get back. No demands. Challenges of my own choosing.

I’m grateful that flipping the switches in the fuse box didn’t cause an inconvenient loss of internet or cable. The fun of watching Ruby’s interest in all things mechanical. Having a few minutes to sort through the armoire. Good Will. Vegan bread. Vegan butter.

I’m grateful for being able to cry during therapy. Tissues. A flexible schedule. Hitting my metaphorical head on the metaphorical ladder again; how deep is this well? Sleeping pills. Surrendering to sleep (if nothing else).

I’m grateful for a new day. Hours of work to fall into. Kind companionship. Continuing to learn. Errors that teach. A leisurely dinner with a soul mate at Guido’s.

I’m grateful for lots of hugs from people who’ve known me a long time. That a former boss asked me about my writing and said, “It’s what you *live* for.” Our community. The articulate and kind palm reader with beautiful tarot cards. Enjoying the experience as a performance. Having original poetry recited to me.

I’m grateful that I made it to the meeting. Catch up time w/ a girlfriend. A peaceful lunch. Humboldt fog. The idea to make a spontaneous gift. A peaceful night at home.

I’m grateful for the weekend. That I chose to keep writing instead of going out to lunch. That I spontaneously decided to carry the kitty litter home on my back. That I found a backpack big enough. My legs and feet. The way walking feels so good.

I’m grateful that I got some work done. Running water. Time to relax. The hole in the fence. Yellow paint. Eyes and a brain with which to see.

I’m grateful for organic oranges to leave on doorsteps. Safe commuting to and from downtown. Neighbors. Comforting words from friends. An early dinner at a place that feels comfortable and special. A cigarette from the old pack.

I’m grateful to be able to work from often fairly often. Time to grocery shop. Taking a face to face business meeting in my pajamas. Chatting with good friends around our dining room table. Leftovers. Garage door openers.

I’m grateful to have the opportunity to regularly walk on The Strand. The beautiful landscaping there. Hills that go up. Lighter than usual traffic. Getting back to weight training. Our office/music room/ library.

I’m grateful for the smell of fresh cut grass. An extra two hours of sleep. Breakfast. An unexpected lunch in the sunshine with old and new friends. That Andy called the cable company. Daylight into the evening.

I’m grateful for a productive and pleasant day with a team I enjoy. A walk in the sunshine. Patio dining for the second day in a row. Cold sake with a good friend. Toasts to her father. Our fathers.

I’m grateful for a breakfast date with Andy. Hours free to walk & wander. Perfect weather. Seeing the little girl in a sundress, pink tights and black Uggs skipping past the community garden. Hearing the adult with her ask, “What else grows?” Finding the 18th Street Art Center and being able to explore without seeing any other people around.

I’m grateful for time to sunbathe and read. Glimmer Train. A walk to Sawtelle with Andy. Showing him the bookstore I love. Finding the fifty cent photos for my art journal. Finding the awesome easy-switch-o-matic album frames for our music wall.

I’m grateful to determine my own agenda. Time to play with paint and glue. A walk. The time & energy to do something approximately like cooking for Andy (more like heating & assembling). Trader Joe’s meatless meatballs. Garlic.

I’m grateful to have begun researching summer writing workshops just in time to make the application cut off. Reading about programs to aspire to. Finding expertly crafted essays online. New goals. Reminding myself of the realization that “making it as a writer” means how I live each day – period. Paying work.

I’m grateful for hours of research on writing conferences. The exciting idea of applying for program I’ll likely not get into (this year). Finding a class to take that will help me improve my skills. Gift from Mom & Dad that funds my classwork. Enjoying working towards something difficult. The internet (again/always).

I’m grateful for getting caught up on an account. A peaceful lunch. Hearing a new song on the radio. Espresso. Mint gum. Old work to mine for essay themes.

I’m grateful for my purple sweater. New pants. Long lunch break. Vanilla icing. A car. A coat.

I’m grateful I could take the long way home from the post office. Giant Robot. Finding a new batik pashmina. Buying a new lamp for Andy. Electricity. Light bulbs.

I’m grateful for a day to try to write. Educational texts. Learning to see what’s not working with my pieces. The urge to improve. Time to invest. Seeing those broken plates on the side of the road.

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