A Little of This, A Little of That


My new writing class started this week. Nonfiction, man. I can’t tell you about the amazingly freakish array of life stories my fellow students have, but I bet if you walk into any room and ask every person there to tell you about the most dramatic episode of their lives, we’d all feel like we were swimming in an amazingly freakish array of life stories most minutes of most days.

Because people are freaks. And life is amazing. Then we die. All of us.


So far, the best thing I’ve learned from our teacher is this quote she passed along from writer, Janet Malcolm:

“The truth is messy, incoherent, aimless, boring, absurd. The truth does not make a good story; That’s why we have art.”

It’s just like what the incomparable Jack Grapes taught us to write over our computers, “MY STORY IS BORING.” Yep. Time to make some art.

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