Gratitude: June 2013

As many days as possible, I list six distinct things for which I’m grateful. The list is archived monthly. Here’s June 2013.


I’m grateful for morning coffee with Andy. Getting caught up on a few side projects. Waking up naturally just before 6 a.m. Gorgeous weather. Anticipating a productive writing day. Food, shelter, health.

I’m grateful for having updated my summer calendar with lots of fun & creative events. Living in a vibrant city: Los Angeles. Relaxing with more Bodini hand-writing practice in my journal. Writing a story with 12 characters (10 humans and two dogs). Internet research. Feeling relaxed even though the progress is slow.

I’m grateful for an exciting new working relationship. Lunch downtown. Being able to shorten my client appointment in order to continue writing my new story. The Spring Arts Tower. Being on time. The opportunity to balance two careers.

I’m grateful for the experience of getting through a full first draft (twenty and a quarter hours of solid writing over the course of 2 weeks). That some of the moods are pleasant in the pendulum of emotions that come with birthing a story. That the computer didn’t die during the last hours of labor. Being in a great writing workshop. Creating characters that surprise me as I get to know them. Fiction.

I’m grateful for the way our small writing workshop has enjoyable, passionate and educational discussions. To have met people who love writing and talking about writing as much as I do. An afternoon to relax. The amazing latte from Profeta. Seeing inspiring paintings by Chuck Blackwell at the cafe. Monkeys.

I’m grateful for a full night’s sleep. Lots of kind support while I finished the reports earlier than usual. Making it to the Skirball on time. The opportunity to see the authors who teach at UCLA Extension read selections from their latest publications. Hearing the frog chorus. That the lone frog appeared to be dead rather than suffering.

I’m grateful for making it to the meeting on time. Creative & kind coworkers, clients and companies I love to work with. Public transportation. Meeting Andy for date night downtown. The Jubilee Music & Arts Festival. Seeing the PEN Emerging Voices Fellows read. Soko. Garlic. Taxis.

I’m grateful for this past week–satisfying amounts of creative work, collaboration, meeting new people, visiting new places. That I get to look forward to more of the same this summer. A morning to sleep in. An afternoon to get caught up on some client work. Bonfires on the beach. Parking spaces.

I’m grateful for time to draw in my journal. That Sunny in Ontario checked out my sketchbook from the ever so awesome Art House Co-Op’s Sketchbook Project Tour. Twitter, which allowed her to share photos of my book out in the world. Edward Snowden. Glenn Greenwald. Seeing the magical red lanterns with their fire float into the night sky.

I’m grateful for the bottle of lavender essential oil in my nightstand. To have found the movie stub in my copy of Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet. Rilke. A good meeting. Basil in my omelette. Four point seven five solid hours of rewriting.

I’m grateful for my journal. For colored pens. Stripes. Concrete priorities. Being able to order recommended books in less than a minute. An early evening walk.

I’m grateful for the helpful workshop of my second story. Lunch with my classmates. A spring quarter class so good we didn’t want it to end. New friends. Fresh bread. Close third person POV.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to work at home. A place (however virtual) to share in the loss of someone who should be turning fifty today. His friendship. The freshness that renaming characters brings. Robin Black’s short stories. Getting my reports done the night before the meeting.

I’m grateful for breakfast with colleagues and friends. Being surrounded by kind & creative people. Catching up on some tasks. Perfect weather. Dinner with Andy. Shumai.

I’m grateful for a day of rest. Scanner. Photographs. Birds. Sidewalks. Legs.

I’m grateful for my father. His sense of humor. His generosity. Pumpkin pie. Jackpots. Popcorn.

I’m grateful quiet time to read and learn. Loving someone enough to consider trimming their eyebrows while they sleep. Not having to do that. The flexibility to do some unplanned work. The Last Book Store. Not being obligated to watch the open mic.

I’m grateful I could return Sam’s texts. The telephone. Our deck. New warmth. More daylight. An hour to walk.

I’m grateful for another hour to walk. Sparkle lights. Notes from friends. Catching up on some work. Memories. Loving shelter.

I’m grateful for yet another hour to walk. Flexibility to spend time with Sam on the phone. Opinions. A shower. Another shower. Dinner with Andy.

I’m grateful to have gotten the weekly reports done finally. Lunch with friends. A new burger joint. Taking care of another task. Summer solstice. Great stories to read.

I’m grateful for Senator Wendy Davis. Comfortable shoes. The protestors who showed up. Chants at midnight. The death of SB5.

I’m grateful for Claire Vaye Watkins’ book Battleborn. The fall of Prop 8. The demise of DOMA. Lots of encouragement from nearly every person in my life. The ability to apply for the PEN Center USA Emerging Voices Fellowship. Being able to prioritize my every minute–putting this blog on hold while I focus on other forms of writing.

I’m grateful for firefighters.

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