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Yesterday during my morning-ish skim of Twitter, one of my favourite internet mentors, Karen Walrond of Chookooloonks, put out a call for submissions to a brand new Tumblr feed called Where Bloggers Blog. Without putting much thought into it at all, I ran upstairs and snapped this photo and sent it off.


A bit later, I went back to the site, Where Bloggers Blog and discovered that after the first photo by Karen of her workspace, my office was featured. Exciting.

By the time evening rolled around, several more office photos appeared. It wasn’t until this morning that I had time to surf around and check out the websites of the other bloggers.

Which is what inspired this post. Look at these blogs:

Blog con Ques0 

Nerd’s Eye View

Rage Against the Minivan

Bright Bold & Beautiful

Absolutely wonderful, right? Super successful people doing really inspiring things.

I had an immediate Wayne’s World response (I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy). It reminded me of attending BlogHer last year, when I felt small about, you know, Writing Ruth: this site, where I–looking down, nudging dirty rocks with my sneaker toe–write some stuff sometimes. No area of expertise; nope. Just me over here, with my homemade banner pulled together from a photoshopped piece of broken folk art.

The fact is, I am working on some non-blogging pursuits. Those of you who read this site regularly know. I’m writing fiction these days and am invigorated by all the n0n-blog reading I’ve been doing (no offense, blog pros). Elizabeth Strout, Sandra Cisneros, Joan Didion, Jennifer Egan, Robin Black: srsly* (or in less cutting edge terms: wow)! My life is transformed by what I’m learning from these authors.

That big black chair in the photo is where I blog, but it is also where I work. Where I write stories and read and dream.

See the bulletin board behind my chair? It went up after I took Karen Walrond’s online course on journaling called “Create 2013”. She guided us through a process of formulating our intentions for the year. MORE Writing was one of mine. MORE Reading was another (check and check). MORE Networking with writers (check). With her guidance, I started off this year with renewed focus and new habits (like journaling). If you ever have an opportunity to take one of her workshops, I highly recommend the experience. 

So here’s my official thank you to Karen. Thank you for helping me focus on my highest intentions in 2013. And thank you for accepting my submission to a Tumblr feed populated by uber professional blogs. It’s so gracious of you to be inclusive. I can’t wait to continue visiting Where Bloggers Blog to watch it grow.


(*used facetiously. OED, I’ll never forgive you.)

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