Dear Subscribers (You Are Dear)


Dear Subscribers,

Happy December. I wasn’t completely clear in my last post. This thing called Holidailies that I mentioned means I intend to blog daily throughout the month of December. I’m pointing this out so you can unsubscribe before my more frequent pings to your inbox become annoying. I don’t want to contribute to your stimulation overload.

Is my suggestion to unsubscribe overly self-involved? Passive aggressive? Superfluous? I mean, if you’re like me, you’re probably rather adept at quickly dealing with batches of email.

Select, select, select > Move to [Specific Client] To-Do File.

Select, select (household admin/travel receipts) > Mark as Unread

Select, select, select (way too many subscriptions) > Delete

Now, if you’ve got a blog that I’ve subscribed to, you might be thinking, She deletes my posts! But I suspect you’re okay with that fact. Plus, I don’t delete all of them. It just depends on how busy I’m feeling at the moment, how driven I am towards my goals that day, how disciplined I’m being about all the other reading I have to do that week.

We each have limited days on earth: every minute brings a choice about how it will be spent. I want to choose well. On the days when I can’t be a hermit (as is my preference) I want to be with people who have also chosen well.

I aspire to writing content that will be worthy of a reader’s time, but that requires study. Ironically, blogging pulls me away from those studies. So why Holidailies? I’ll explore that in future posts.

In the meantime, thank you for having been a subscriber. And please feel comfortable unsubscribing, too. Whether you read from your email or web browser I’ll try to spool up something compelling as often as possible.



3 thoughts on “Dear Subscribers (You Are Dear)

  1. I wish I were more adept at dealing with mail. My favorite strategy is select unread, mark as read, let sit in folders for years.

    During Holidailies, I notify my subscribers only every several days, figuring if someone really wants to keep up with all my posts, they won’t wait for the notify. Maybe that’s wrong, but until someone mails me to say so, I will pretend it’s the right approach.

    1. Hi Karen, Thanks for stopping by and commenting. That’s a great idea. I don’t know how to generate a post without it automatically going to the subscribers. Hmmm, I’ll do some hunting around to see if I can figure it out.

      1. Oh, I didn’t think about that aspect–I still have an old school notify list for my journal, where I type in the content by hand (I know, it’s archaic), but the subscribe function for my nail blog is automated so I don’t know if I could bundle posts into a single email for that.

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