Six Fast Facts About My Day

2013-11-02 22.07.17-2

DISCLAIMER: I’ve promised myself to blog daily this December as a part of a community writing project called “Holidailies”. That means that some days unnecessary posts like this are going to happen.


1. My newsstand purchases today included: The Economist for Andy (his favorite, which is another thing that endears him to me) and the newest issues of Zyzzyva, A Public Space and Zoetrope for myself. It felt extravagant–lit mag gluttony–but I used Hanukah as an excuse.

2. I’m eating peppermint malt balls for dessert right now.

3. The sunset over the Pacific tonight, for those of you who missed it, looked like one of the cheesy scrims that cruise ship portrait photographers have families stand in front of on Cruise Prom Night to connote Love and Goodness On The High Seas. Sharp horizon line, fat, unimpeded sun. Don’t hold this description against me.

4. I’m begrudging the sunset because rather than running down the block to Instagram it, I opened the door to a place of business and sat down to work; at sunset, yes.

5. Instagram as a verb? Not sure I’ll do that again.

6. I just said to Andy of a comedian on TV, “He’s too handsome. I don’t mean, like, good handsome, I mean like——”

“Cartoon Astronaut Handsome.” Andy interrupted. And he was 100% right about what I had intended to say.


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