Gratitude: June 2014

As many days as possible, I list at least one (sometimes up to six) distinct thing(s) for which I’m grateful. The list is archived monthly. Here’s June 2014.


I’m grateful for the BBC America show Being Human. The moment when Adam, the 47 year-old vampire trapped in a teenager’s body says, “Just because we’re a bit rubbish and we’re cursed because of what we are doesn’t mean we can’t be happy.” An unexpected date night. En’s garlic edamame. The new quiz game Andy and I have come up with. Clues.

I’m grateful for time to discuss writing with new colleagues. Green plants. Leisurely lunch breaks. Two mile walks. Surges of energy that lead to deeds done. Clarity (however infrequent).

I’m grateful for the smell of smoke. Firemen. Bar Food (the place). The refreshing strawberry drink. Finally getting another fraction of my peer reviews done.

I’m grateful for another helpful workshop with my writing class. Having had time to prepare. The creative work of my peers. Getting to know people who take writing seriously.

I’m grateful to have found a way to mentally approach my last therapy appointment so that it was possible. Dr. S. The one who wanted me to have “someone to talk to”. Time for writing and a good walk. Breaking through the hard part of this story’s second draft. A good day.

I’m grateful for clear & helpful story notes from a friend. That the awesome food co-op is on the way home. Time to put the finishing touches on a story and submitting it before heading out for the night. A spontaneous girls’ date. Wandering around the Culver Hotel. Hearing the band play “Thank you (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)”.

I’m grateful for relaxing Saturdays to draw in my journal and listen to TV with Andy. Time to catch up on some reading. That our teacher assigned a story by Jim Gavin.

I’m grateful to have had a relaxing afternoon chatting with Andy. Dinner together. Another thrilling episode of Game of Thrones.

I’m grateful that some stories are easier to write than other. Clocking in time on one of the difficult ones. The practice of struggling with a piece. That my teacher offered to read it.

I’m grateful for the second day in a row of pushing through on this miserable rewrite. Foregoing a walk because writing is more important. Knowing I can walk tomorrow.

I’m grateful for my first “homework-free” day in over a year. Listening to TED talks while making an omelette. The gorgeous ending to Zadie Smith’s story “Miss Adele Amidst the Corsets”. An hour on the deck in the sun reading a short story by Elissa Schappell.

I’m grateful to have found a pleasant rooftop venue for dinner before the reading. That I made it in time to hear both of my teachers. Running into two new friends. A kind invitation to share some wine. Enjoying my fellow student’s anticipation as she prepares for grad school. The sound of frogs.

I’m grateful to have shared in A’s birthday lunch. The view of the pomeranian from our table. Quietly knowing it was another birthday, too, across the world. The new baby in NY. Birth. Beings to adore.

I’m grateful for discussions with new friends.

I’m grateful to have some lavender oil on hand to ward off the ants.

I’m grateful for a leisurely lunch with a dear friend. Time to shop for Andy’s birthday afterwards.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to see the lush garden in the Hollywood Hills. Reading paragraphs at every red light. A good last class with smart writers. Hospitality. Hearing memorized poems recited.

I’m grateful for time to go to one more used book store in search of the perfect gift. Finding two copies of The Caine Mutiny from 1951 and using fragrance as the criterion for which one to buy. Andy’s enjoyment of his presents. His birth. His life.

I’m grateful that everything went smoothly at my substitute gig. Downtown L.A. Seeing the cute baby dance in his chair at dinner. Basil.

I’m grateful for the color yellow. The way we laughed at lunch yesterday. Summer Fridays when things slow down a bit. Catching up on tasks.

I’m grateful for a lunch date with Andy. A relaxing two mile walk. Time to devote to much overdue household bookkeeping.

I’m grateful to Andy for feeding the girls so I could sleep in. Pinterest. All my pretty pictures. A walk to breakfast with Andy.

I’m grateful to finally catch up on site at my beach client’s studio. Cheeseburger dinners. Snakebites. CARVE Magazine.

I’m grateful for one last day to catch up on a year’s worth of my own bookkeeping.

I’m grateful to finally have my annual tax appointment out of the way. A CPA I trust. The woman who introduced us.

I’m grateful for World Cup soccer at 9am. Portugal’s defense.

I’m grateful that my horrendous cough didn’t act up during the meeting. Cough drops. Deliveries from Bagel Nosh. Lunch with good friends.

I’m grateful for time to develop concrete goals with Andy. Excel. Quickbooks.

I’m grateful for family meetings in pubs with delicious food. Our waitress’s Unknown Mortal Orchestra Pandora station. Pandora.

I’m grateful for the World Cup. That my final four teams made it to the quarter finals. New contact lenses and adorable sunglasses.


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