Kind of Arty & Verby, Too

Yesterday as I drove to a meeting, I heard “Clair de Lune” on the radio. When I was about eleven, my piano teacher told me that it was her husband’s favorite song. Back then, I couldn’t imagine why. I didn’t sound so special to me. Maybe sensing its beauty takes having experienced a certain amount of pain or hunger or love. Or maybe I was just a daft kid. Still, whenever I hear any part of it I think, this is Mister P’s favorite song.

And lately, whenever I hear it, I fall right in. During yesterday’s drive, I sat in the hot car–hot already at ten in the morning–and hitched myself to each sustained note, tethered myself up and away.

Listening to the beauty of it, I thought about how a few hours earlier I had been standing at the kitchen counter eating peanut butter on a tortilla for breakfast, scrolling Instagram, and up came this picture from an artist in Australia, taken just moments before:

He was on the other side of the world having a bedtime snack that matched my breakfast.

I showed him:

And he replied immediately:


Nothing profound. Just some transhemispheric peanut-buttery friendliness.

Coupled with Debussy though, even mundane thoughts grow imbued with depths and heights, sparkle with glint of magic. That’s why I aspire to making art. That’s my dream: to leave something behind that might delight people not yet born. Thank you Vincent van Gogh and Spalding Gray. Thank you George Gershwin and Frida Kahlo. Thank you Jimi Hendrix and John Keats. Thank you Matisse and Debussy.

—— WAIT——-

Just now as I wrote the lines immediately above, I realized I wanted to acknowledge Kenny-Peanut Butter-Guy’s art as well. There are the masters and then there are those of us still alive, eating protein from jars because it’s quick and allows us to get back to work. So to grab the link, I hopped over to his blog and discovered this:

He beat me to the post. What fun! Thank you, Kenny. Congratulations on your inclusion in the “Art As A Verb” exhibition at MUMA. What an incredible line up (Marina Abramović! You!). Have a wonderful time!

5 thoughts on “Kind of Arty & Verby, Too

  1. I was wondering about the story behind that Instagram exchange. That’s so dear! I’m glad you both wrote about it!

  2. Oh Ruth! Thank you! This was just beautifully written – so simple but eloquent and full of jam! Yummy goodness for your peanut butter! This was my favorite line: “Coupled with Debussy though, even mundane thoughts grow imbued with depths and heights, sparkle with glint of magic.” That inspired me – you inspire me! I love you friend!

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