Gratitude: November 2014

As many days as possible, I list at least one (sometimes up to six) distinct thing(s) for which I’m grateful. The list is archived monthly. Here’s November 2014.


I’m grateful for a day to rest after an immensely fulfilling week. That the coming month is filled with plans to see old and new friends.

I’m grateful I was able to let the spider out the front door instead of the alternatives. There are a couple more days left to prepare for class. An afternoon outing with Andy. Cooler weather.

I’m grateful for a long overdue dinner with an old friend. Hearing about his amazing adventures of 2014. People who appreciate and love experiencing creative drive. Creative drive. PB & J sliders. The water on the table (why didn’t I drink more of it?). Safe rides from uber.

I’m grateful for hugs from A. and her happiness over our upcoming nuptials. The camaraderie of my classmates. Lots of good feedback to help my latest story improve.

I’m grateful for all the people around the world who are generously helping us celebrate Mom & Dad’s upcoming anniversary.

I’m grateful for spicy dumplings with cold sake and good friends under the stars. A fun night out at the movies.

I’m grateful for Andy’s life-long friends.

I’m grateful for a mostly pain free dental cleaning. That the hydro-treatment, coupled with a Milk Dud, pulled my old crown off at the perfect time when fast repair is available.

I’m grateful for novocaine. My dentist’s skill and matching kindness. Memories of nurturing words from Andy.

I’m grateful for a solid day of writing and character research.

I’m grateful for a night of reading peer work over a spicy hot meal in a fireplace lit room.

I’m grateful for gratitude.

I’m grateful for George Orwell’s essay “Politics and the English Language.” That Lou Mathews assigned it. That Jim Gavin included it in his fabulous, recent Zoetrope story.

I’m grateful for writing deadlines and the next first draft coming into being.

I’m grateful for a full day and night of writing.

I’m grateful to complete the work just in time to get to the copy store. An unexpected moment that allowed me to get to know one of my fellow writers better.

I’m grateful for the people who are bravely acting to eradicate injustice and racism.

I’m grateful my Mom and Dad were married fifty years ago. That they enjoyed their snail mail blizzard of greetings. All of our friends and family who made the shower of good feelings possible.

I’m grateful to see some family friends again. That they all appear to be in good health. Seeing my dear friend’s son do an killer job acting in his school play. Their thriving theater program.

I’m grateful that Andy has a respite from work. A morning of reading, an afternoon walking, an evening meal with my love.

I’m grateful for the way my new crown fits–I have my bite back! That I have available credit to make such necessities possible. That Andy and I have paying work to clear the debt.

I’m grateful to have made a date out of the holiday grocery shopping.

I’m grateful for a pleasant afternoon of chopping veggies with Andy. Our vegetarian (except for my store-bought turkey gravy, I confess, I confess) feast.  Quiet time on the sunny deck. Long relaxing walks.

I’m grateful for a date with Andy. Martinis and doodles and bread and cheese and in sunshine with my love. Observing the little girl in the theatre lobby, who I’m guessing was around 4-years-old, standing nose to cardboard at the larger-than-life movie promo cut-out of Cinderella. The way she looked up at the ball gown and raised her arms high up to the waistline, fanning her fingers along the 2D folds of taffeta, before kneeling and tugging at the enormous glass slipper. A quiet moment in the concession line when Mark Wahlberg (!) looked directly (!) at me (!) and said, “No, Miss, after you.”

I’m grateful to have some new music loaded up onto my phone. Morrisey’s sense of humor. Morrisey. Having read this: Three Bodies: Identical Twins Heal Body Image Issues Through Fine Art Nudes.

I’m grateful for rain. My rain jacket, umbrella and plastic bags. For a Penny Dreadful marathon with Andy. That the stuffing and pie are finally gone so that I can devote myself to eating fewer calories each day.


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