Gratitude: May 2015

Many days I list at least one (sometimes up to six) distinct thing(s) for which I’m grateful. The list is archived monthly. Here’s May 2015.

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I’m grateful for parents who are still alive and prosperous. Birthdays and oxygen tanks. Text messages for no reason at all, except to say I am loved.

I’m grateful for a new writing deadline and incredibly smart readers waiting to engage in my efforts. Our self-made cohort. The writing community around us.

I’m grateful for cherry blossom postage stamps and calligraphy. Gold deckled edges on luscious card stock. Anticipation.

I’m grateful I read “Deluge” by Lisa Mecham in Midwestern Gothic.

I’m grateful for the flowers on the tables at Artisan House. Crushed red peppers. Pilot G-2 05 writing pens and refill ink cartridges. That Grandpa had a favorite writing pen, too.

I’m grateful for the sound of birds. That the crow didn’t kill that mouse right in front of me. The chance I might have saved it by loitering. Not knowing.

I’m grateful that Crystal Moody has begun selling paintings. Disposable income. Art. Art. Art.

I’m grateful for new colleagues and fresh ideas.

I’m grateful for the vast pool of photos I’ve taken over the years and Social Print Studio. Prototypes and nostalgia. The joy of giving surprises.

I’m grateful for a pleasant conversation with a kind international entrepreneur. Finding his shop — the perfect bakery to create our wedding cake!

I’m grateful for our officiant’s proxy service. Our wedding license.

I’m grateful for to have booked our first trip to London — our honeymoon!

I’m grateful for diamond dates with Andy. Brilliant Earth’s Los Angeles showroom. Their commitment to human rights and their environmentally conscious practices. Pretty rings.

I’m grateful for an afternoon assembling our wedding invitations. Gluten free crackers with black pepper and sea salt. Texts with my niece. My niece. Her good health.

I’m grateful for my mother’s labyrinth project. The gorgeous and meaningful final product. My parents’ dear friend, Julie. Her gift of teaching and music. Her memory.

I’m grateful for a movie date with Andy. Being asked out. Mad Max: Fury Road. Its visual spectacle and impressive storytelling.

I’m grateful for time to rest and recover from a cold. Oatmeal. Hot tea. Skincare products.

I’m grateful for the fabulous surprise I had while talking with a certain airline (to be named after the flight goes off and lands as planned).

I’m grateful for having my hair blown dry by an expert. Seeing my new-ish highlights free from a ponytail for once.

I’m grateful to be in touch with my first literature and writing teacher 30 years after meeting her. The anticipation of our reunion this summer. The poem she recommended. The story a poet recommended. Poets and stories and teachers.

I’m grateful for the one-eyed jeweler, his fingertips blackened from metal work. Family businesses.

I’m grateful for the 70% off sale at JoS A. Bank.

I’m grateful for the photo from a friend of the pottery bowl I made for him 20 years ago. That it’s still being used, holding life. His thoughtfulness. Happy memories.

I’m grateful to be anticipating our wonderful celebration — a day with family and friends. That there are still 55 days to prepare. Countdowns. Butterflies. Exfoliants.

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