Gratitude: Fall 2015

From August 2011 through much of 2015, most days I listed at least one (sometimes up to six) distinct thing(s) for which I was (and am) grateful. The lists are all archived here.

Always, there is something to be grateful for. 


October 2015

I’m grateful our wedding photos have arrived from the amazing Nichole & Scott Haun of Nichole Haun Photography. I’m grateful the 600-plus shots they provided — works of art, delight and love. Especially the one above showing the most blissful hour of my life to-date. I’m grateful for my family and the new memories we have.

I’m grateful I had just sat down for a peaceful lunch alone when I got the news that Rachelle had died. I’m grateful for her passion for teaching, for her love of nature, for her life and energy.

I’m grateful to have spent a Saturday morning sitting next to a remarkable woman and dear old friend listening to five smart and accomplished authors discussing their latest work. To live in a city that is (shhhh, let’s protect this haven) a thriving literary community.

I’m grateful for a good day writing a piece of flash fiction and some readers who expressed pleasure in it.

I’m grateful for Andy’s financial and moral support, air conditioning, a running automobile, understanding clients. For my niece’s two kitty adoptees. For the 3 week old sickly love-kitten I got to hold, his tiny rapid heartbeat over my thumb, his miracle-working caretaker and all the delightful people pulling for him to gain health.

I’m grateful for invitations and a full calendar of companionship coming up.

I’m grateful for the word “triggered” to describe how hard it is sometimes. The person who shared that with me. Signs of my own continued growth. Optimism.

November 2015

I’m grateful for the way FaceTime helps us work out tech solutions for our distant family. For laughter and podcasts and pots of jam and pecan cake.

I’m grateful to have spent a week with my family. For a mini-road trip with my brother, a lovely evening with my niece and her partner, and several afternoons with both of my parents.

I’m grateful for the Los Angeles family I spent Thanksgiving with, for all of Andy’s hard work in the kitchen cleaning up every dish and crumb while I shared good company in the next room.

December 2015

I’m grateful for dormant websites such as this. Maybe it’s shed like old skin or abandoned like a satellite–the explorer having fixed her rocket back to Earth?

Or maybe I’m locked out of this blog until I find just one original simile or at least one that’s less cliche than skins and satellites?

Or maybe (cue soundtrack, perhaps The Winner Is, from Little Miss Sunshine) maybe this was my sanctuary, but now I am healed foreverNot. Because to live is to endure damage: catastrophic wounds and merely irritating nicks, and all the ruptures and fractures in between. Healing occurs well into death.

So my reason for lapsing on the blogging is nothing as dramatic as any of that (thankfully).  Why no blogging? Same as earlier in the year. I am actively working on other projects, continuing to learn to write stories in the process. I don’t want to spew phrases any longer, I want to entertain. I will not quit.

I’m grateful to every person who ever read this blog. Your encouragement has been invaluable. Thank you.

Always, there is something to be grateful for. 

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